Special Edition BusinessFirst Amenity Kits on United Airlines

Today, United Airlines introduced limited-edition collectible Amenity Kits for passengers traveling in BusinessFirst through March 1, 2014. Each tin highlights one of United’s domestic hubs, and will reportedly contain the same Philosophy amenity items that are currently found in the BusinessFirst amenity kit. They also promote the “flyer friendly” campaign.

a group of tins with images of a city

New collectible United Airlines amenity tins

The blurb on the United Hub website says that they’ll be both for BusinessFirst and Global First passengers, but the presser simply highlights BusinsessFirst. Whichever is correct, I do actually hope they keep the currently stellar Global First Amenity Kit. In any case, you can be sure that I’ll be collecting them all, and will offer a proper review here on the blog.

Turkish Airlines also has a similar unique collection of amenity tins, I wonder if Formia designed United’s?

I’ve been offline for more than a week and I (and Frequently Flying), will be back next week in full-force. For those who have emailed and left comments awaiting moderation, I’ll get to them ASAP. Also, a special thanks goes out to @bta7 for bringing these kits to my attention via Twitter.

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  1. Metal tins?

    that should be fun going through the screening system.

    right up there when NWA had sewing kits with scissors in their hand outs.

  2. I saw that this will replace the business class kit during the two months, Global First passengers will get the standard Global First kit in addition to this.

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