Vintage Airline Seat Map: United Airlines Boeing 767-200 MT

It’s time for another Vintage Airline Seat Map and I’ve selected one of two United Airlines Boeing 767-200 configurations seen flying the skies in 1998.

The version appearing below operated domestically (I believe exclusively) as it lacked flight attendant crew rest seats. The other layout I’ll post in a future installment and it had two rows of dual (coach) crew rest seats where 10A is located on this map.

In first class, I particularly enjoyed 2A on this aircraft and either 5A or 6A in business. Rows 10 and 11 weren’t any fun given the proximity of the lavs and galley, though the single seats were unique. I never flew in economy on this bird (was fortunate as a non-revver to always get the premium cabins), but I’d probably opt for 15AB or 15FG if legroom was as good as it looks.

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a seat chart

United 767-200 MT Seat Map

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  1. Was this plane for premium transcons?

    I’d try for 2C, but I’d probably wind up in 33D. In biz, I am intrigued by the 10A&F and 11F solo seats.

  2. Yes, this was the configuration of flight 175. At that time, UA flew two types of 767-200s. There were the 67Ts, which is the configuration shown in this post and there were the 67Vs. The Ts were strictly domestic aircraft and the Vs were too, but the Vs were ETOPS capable and would occasionally E-sub on an international route.

  3. Does anyone have any photos or links that can show me what the first class seats looked like, their color? It would be neat to see the 2-1-2 configuration, although I’m certain these seats no longer exist, it would be interesting to see the single seaters, and the double seaters.

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