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Vintage Airline Seat Map: Delta Air Lines 737-200

This week’s Vintage Airline Seat Map is the Delta Airlines 737-200 with 12 first class and 95 coach seats. What I found interesting here is that Delta opted for 12 first class seats on this short-haul workhorse, whereas most other airlines at the time maintained an 8-seater cabin up front. It’s unclear if the exit…

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Vintage Airline Seat Map: Continental Airlines 727-100

As I mentioned in last week’s post, I’ll be posting vintage airline seat maps from time to time for any enthusiasts out there like myself. This week is United’s newlywed Continental Airlines, and their long-retired 727-100.  I flew on a handful of United’s dash-100s, but they didn’t block that seat across from the mid-cabin galley.…

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