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The comfort of my travel routine & people watching at 5:00am

George Clooney’s character in “Up In The Air” had a specific and efficient routine when traveling. From packing his bag at home, to checking in at the kiosk, to getting through security and entering the lounge, it was essentially a well choreographed ballet. I, too, have my own routine, and while it is just that…

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Video: Lufthansa First Class trip report from Los Angeles to Bangkok via Frankfurt

Instead of posting someone else’s video from YouTube this week, I’ll post one of my own. Here is part one of my video trip report from September this year, where I flew First Class from Los Angeles to Seattle to Frankfurt to Bangkok. I’ve heard good reviews of the Lufthansa soft product, and definitely wanted…

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United Airlines Red Carpet Club rate increase & my thoughts on airline lounges

On December 7, 2010, United Airlines is raising the price to join or renew membership in the Red Carpet Club. Pricing depends on your Mileage Plus status, and the cash prices are going up $50 per year across the board. The rate for general members is increasing from $425 to $475 annually, with prices for…

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