100 ANA Mileage Club miles for online survey (ANA award tool info)

All Nippon Airways (ANA) sent me an email today offering 100 Mileage Club miles for participating in an online survey. I received it since I subscribe to their ANA Mileage Club (AMC) “Mail Magazine” and the offer is as follows:

a blue and white text

As many of you know, the ANA award tool is bar none the premier way to search for Star Alliance award space and they had previously attempted to restrict access to only those who held a balance in their AMC account. The workaround (as described in this link) has been active for well more than a year now, but taking the survey might be critical to those (like me) who don’t have a balance should they further clamp down on access. Luckily, the link provided appears to be non-targeted, so cut & paste the url below into your browser, delete the space that prevents you from linking to it directly,  and take the survey for a quick 100 miles.

https://www .surveymonkey.com/s/jul2011e

Survey Participation Period: July 21, 2011 – July 28, 2011 23:59 (Pacific Time)

[See comment#2 regarding targeting. I still think this offer would still flow through even if you didn’t receive the email.]

And in further editing, the exact email I received appears below. The bolding is mine referring to the possibility of being targeted, but I still maintain if you have the url, you’ll get the 100 miles even if you do submit it multiple times with your ANA number. I absolutely could be wrong, but something tells me if you have a valid ANA number, the system will take it and post the miles even if you didn’t receive the email. Worth the try, at least!

a screenshot of a survey




  1. I got the same email, but mine has this in the bottom of the email. See like it’s targeted. “*Note
    ANA has only sent out this email magazine to those who are eligible to participate
    in this survey. Even if we receive completion of the survey multiple times from an
    eligible member, mileage accrual will be only once per person.
    Mileage will not be given if the AMC number is entered incorrectly.

    • I see that now too, but the wording of “only once per person” seems to me to mean only 100 miles will post for those that complete it more than once, not necessarily those who were targeted. YMMV, but thanks for pointing that out… I didn’t look down that far until now!

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