A Look at 3 Turkish Airlines Economy Class Amenity Kits, Plus a Giveaway

In August, I posted a brief overview of a Turkish Airlines economy class amenity kit, not subjecting it to the critical scoring system that I normally apply in my Amenity Kit Review series. That just wouldn’t have been fair since any kit provided to economy class passengers is “exceptional†in my mind.

Amenity kit provider Formia took notice of that review (among others) and shipped me a wonderful sampling of kits from various airlines for my collection, including three other Turkish Airlines economy class offerings.

a group of objects on a couch

Turkish Airlines economy class amenity kits

The tin and pencil case appearing at left and center in the picture above are long-haul economy versions, while the pouch on right is TK’s short-haul offering. A closer inspection of the long-haul kits reveals identical items in both, including socks, eyeshades, earplugs, Hydro Basics lip balm, and a toothbrush/toothpaste packet.

a close-up of a travel kit

TK’s long-haul economy kits

And the smaller short-haul mesh pouch contains socks, eyeshades and earplugs.

a pair of earplugs and gloves

TK’s short-haul economy kit

It’s fantastic that Turkish and other airlines provide a few luxuries to travelers in the back of the plane, and I’d love to see U.S. carriers consider this in the future. I doubt it’ll happen, but I can hope.

Amenity Kit Giveaway

Formia was remarkably generous in sending multiples of these Turkish economy kits, so I’d like to offer up a similar batch to one of you. Here’s the trio I’m giving away:

a group of red and white items

Turkish amenity kit giveaway

All you have to do to enter to win them is leave a comment below (one per person) telling me if you’d appreciate an economy class kit on a long-haul international U.S. airline flight. Is it something that you’d use, or just toss aside?

I’ll draw a winner this Saturday, October 12, at 12:00 p.m. PDT. And not to worry if your comment gets held for moderation… I’ll be sure to approve them all in time for the drawing.

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  1. Amenity kits on long-haul economy flights would be great. It would help a generally not-so-comfortable experience be just a little less heinous…

  2. I’d use it for sure. Most of the items included are single-use, yet not something I always think to re-stock in my carry-on bag.

  3. I’d like it for all the long haul SFO>JFK flights I do. It might just add that something special to the highly competitive route.

  4. Anything to make a long-haul international flight is extremely useful and well received by passengers, in my experience. It’s a no-brainer!

  5. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want one! It’s a shame American carriers don’t do these anymore while SQ, QF, among many others still have it available on red-eye flights.

  6. The amenity kits on long-haul economy flight is great idea. Even if it only contains a pair of ear plugs, eyeshade and socks.

  7. Amenity kit? I’d settle for a disposable toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste! ANYTHING extra in economy on a long-haul would be awesome!

  8. It’d be great, but in all honesty, I think I’d appreciate a bit of a more substantial snack on the long flights instead!

  9. I’d definitely use it and appreciate it. It would also be nice to think that US carriers aren’t the cheapest in the world in EVERY department.

  10. A Y-class amenity kit would be a nice addition. It’s a great way for domestic boutique designers to get their product out there!

  11. Economy class amenity kit would be much appreciated as I bring my own (pieces from old business or first ones) currently.

  12. I would die for an amenity kit in economy class. You’re cramped in a tiny seat for a really long time: anything to make your flight tolerable helps whether it’s feeling clean with a toothbrush to socks do you can kick off your shoes.
    It’s guaranteed that there’s a crying baby that won’t stop so the ear plugs would be a gift from Above

  13. Yes! Also, include a pack of sugarless chewing gum, too. Inexpensive, and refreshes mouth and allows to compensate for pressure changes also. I remember in the real ‘old’ days of flying, when flight attendants routinely would make gum available to all passengers.

  14. They made them much prettier than my last TK flight but the eye shades are great and it was well thought out of what folks could need.

  15. I like the idea of the kit. It’s always nice to experience a luxury, but the waste generated seems to great.

  16. I think that amenity kits on long-haul economy flights would be great. It would ease the pain of cramped seating and mediocre food!

  17. No question, I’d definitely use. In fact, I have carefully preserved two Qatar Airways economy class kits

  18. I would use it for sure, especially on red eye mileage runs. My first is coming up soon! Thanks for the useful info!

  19. My daughter would love the kits.
    Yes on a long haul international flight kits should be provided in economy. I would add that it would be appropriate for transcontinental flights and red eyes, say back from Hawaii, of 5 hours or more.

  20. Yes! Yet another reason why I love THY! I have one from economy and comfort class. These would be a great addition to my collection, especially the metal tin one! Thanks D!

  21. More airlines should offer basic amenity kits in long haul economy. The value to passengers can be substantial at a minimal cost.

  22. Absolutely, These kits are the difference between arriving clean & refreshed or not.

    Even if you do not use everything, they are ideal for packing if you are going on a weekend or just an overnight trip

    Gels, toothpaste etc etc are security friendly sized


  23. That’s a keeper. Anything that might help you relax yourself during a long & stressful journey is worth keeping

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