Airline ticket tax “holiday” reduces all-in airfares effective midnight last night

[Midnight on Saturday 7/23: It looks like Alaska Airlines, Frontier & Virgin America are the only three airlines remaining who haven’t increased their fares to compensate for the tax break. It was nice while it lasted.]

Due to congressional gridlock, a deadline was passed at midnight last night without resolution causing several federal air travel taxes to expire. I’m sure this will be temporary, but if there’s ever a time to buy your airline tickets, do it this weekend! According to the Associated Press:

a close-up of a documentMy quick pricing out of a Los Angeles to Chicago ticket on United Airlines this morning confirms it where only the PFCs and security fees are collected:

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So, save upwards of 10% on your airline tickets and buy them NOW!

[Edited to add: American, JetBlue and US Airways have raised their fares to offset the difference, though United and Virgin America have not so far. I haven’t priced out Delta yet.]



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