Amenity Kit Review: Air New Zealand Business Premier

One of the holes in my amenity kit collection has been filled with special thanks to @LoyalUA1K, and I bring you my critique of Air New Zealand’s Business Premier offering for this installment of Amenity Kit Reviews. For a better description of each category and the 7-point scale for scoring, please review my introductory post.

a sleeping bag with a mask and other items

Air New Zealand Business Premier amenity kit

Bag/Container: Air New Zealand is eco-conscious with its current business class offering by providing a very lightweight hemp-like pouch. A tag sporting the airline’s logo is sewn into one side and it opens to reveal a single compartment. It’s rather underwhelming and reusability as an amenities bag is low, in my opinion. Score: 2.5 out of 7.0

a white bag on a brown surface

Air New Zealand amenity pouch

Skin Care: Small tubes of Clarins “HydraQuench†cream and moisture replenishing lip balm are the sole skin care items provided in the kit. The lip balm is simple and effective, and the lotion absorbs fairly quickly with minimal greasiness and has a fresh and pleasing light fragrance. Ingredients aren’t listed on either tube, and the lip balm states, “allergy tested†with a note to “see insert,†of which there is none.  Score: 3.0 out of 7.0

Oral Care: A full size medium-bristle toothbrush with head cover is provided, along with a teeny-tiny tube of standard Colgate toothpaste. I really dislike this size of toothpaste as my clumsy man hands have a difficult time handling it, and the cap often pinches right out of my grip onto the lavatory floor. Score: 3.0 out of 7.0

Comfort Items: While the socks are of usual airline quality (single-use), I do like that Air New Zealand added a splash of vibrant colors. The eye shades are adjustable with a Velcro closure and include the airline’s logo on an inner tag, along with the winsome “Sleeping Beauty†text on the exterior. A packet of 3M earplugs is also included. Plus, while not a comfort item, a handy Air New Zealand pen is inside as well. Score: 5.0 out of 7.0

Intangibles: I certainly wouldn’t call this kit luxurious or exclusive, and I believe the pouch in particular is a disappointment, though environmentally friendly. Their previous offering looked much nicer. Score: 2.5 out of 7.0

Total score & comments:

a yellow and blue rectangular box with numbersI’ve generally heard nothing but positive remarks about Air New Zealand’s long-haul business class service and experience, but this amenity kit disappoints for a premium cabin offering (final score: 3.38 out of 7.0). I was expecting a bit more from an otherwise gem in Star Alliance. As a collector, however, I am pleased to have it and again thank @LoyalUA1K for sending it along.

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  1. This is a big thumb down for NZ. The last version of NZ’s amenity kit was ok even without a bag (it was a rectangle box), but it had LaPrarie products (same as LX F) to save the kit itself. Now it is just downright like a premium economy kit, and I am sure this is the kind of kit usually pax will just leave behind or even without touching it the entire flight. I still prefer 2 generations before with a drawstring bag kit though.

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