Amenity Kit Review: American Airlines Business Class – Eames Case

American Airlines last December rolled out new amenity kits and they finally offer separate kits for first and business class passengers. Previously, American provided the same “premium†kit in both cabins. A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the current first class offering, and here now is the business class kit for this installment of Amenity Kit Reviews. For a better description of each category and the 7-point scale for scoring, please see my introductory post. And a special thanks goes out to blog reader Albert for sending me this kit to review!

[Note: I recently asked my readers if I should change my scale to a 5- or 10-pointer and while the 10-point scale is “winning,†many were unable to vote due to the poll not working for them. I will likely change it to a 10-point scale in the future, but I’m leaving this review under my current system.]

a close-up of a bag

American Airlines Business Class Amenity Kit

Bag/Container: American again partnered with Eames for the case, which in this edition is a rectangular, reinforced canvas zipper bag sporting a silver tag bearing the American “brand†near the lower-left corner, sans the popular eagle. As with the exterior, the single compartment, nylon-lined interior features the Eames Dot Pattern. Reusability is medium in my mind, though I wish the case were a bit longer. Score: 5 out of 7

a black and white bag

Interior of American's Eames Business Class Amenity Kit

Skin Care: In a switch from the first class kit, American went with Akhassa skin care products, including body lotion, facial moisturizer and lip balm. If you’re a lime fan, you’ll love these products as each are lightly infused with the refreshing citrus oil. Both the hand lotion and facial moisturizer absorb rapidly, and in my opinion are slightly less greasy than the Dermalogica products in the first class kit. And the lip balm is delicious! The enclosed product information (“romanceâ€) card includes a URL and code for the Akhaasa website offering a 15% discount. Finally, a scentless and brand-less moist towelette rounds out the skin care items inside the kit. Score: 5.5 out of 7

a small black bag with a zipper

Eames Amenity Kit

Oral Care: A half-size, medium-bristled toothbrush with a plastic cover and tube of standard flavored Colgate toothpaste are included with the kit. American thankfully increased the size of the toothpaste from the previous version, which was tiny. Mints would have been a nice addition, but this category is acceptable for a business class kit. Score: 4 out of 7

Comfort Items: Eyeshades and socks are banded together with a paper ribbon. The eyeshades have an adjustable Velcro strap, which affords a comfortable fit. For single use, the socks are fine, but aren’t the most durably made. Additional comfort items include soft earplugs and a package of tissues. Score: 4 out of 7

Intangibles: I do quite like it when airlines partner with a bag manufacturer, thereby adding a bit more exclusivity to the kits over a generic case. An added bonus in the kit is a pen, handy for filling out customs and immigration forms. For a business class offering, I think this kit is better than what most European carriers provide. Score: 5 out of 7

Total score & comments:

a yellow and black rectangular sign with black text

The bag and skin care items are the highlights of this kit and American earns a well-deserved score of 4.63.

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