Amenity Kit Review: Delta Air Lines Business Elite (Current 2011 offering)

It’s time for another Amenity Kit Review, and I’ve selected the current Delta Air Lines Business Elite offering. For a better description of each category, and the 7-point scale for scoring, please review my introduction post here.

a red bag with a red container and a small red bag with a small red container and a small red bag with a small red bag with a small red bag with a small red bag with a

Bag/Container: I like it when airlines incorporate their branding & color scheme into the amenity kits, and Delta includes both their logo and that of SkyTeam on the red nylon/canvas bag. I am not, however, a fan of round bags and reusability in my mind is nil for future trips, but it could perhaps be used at home to store something. It’s also more difficult to hold and rezip smoothly all the way around. Score: 3

Skin Care: Delta chose Greek company Korres as their partner to supply skin care products in the kit, as well as the lavatories. The full retail sized lip balm has a subtle Shea butter flavor, and in my opinion goes on a little thick. The moisturizing face cream is called “Yoghurt†and described as “non-oily cream with real, edible yoghurt that instantly hydrates,†according to the product information slip enclosed. Is it really edible (I didn’t try) and why would you want to spread yogurt on your face? In the lavs, basil lemon hand lotion is stocked and includes Aloe, Provitamin B5, Shea butter, and Jojoba oil. Score: 3

Oral Care: A medium-bristled mini toothbrush (style identical to United’s) is enclosed in plastic with the tiniest tube of Colgate toothpaste I’ve ever seen, and a Plackers dental flosser. I like these little flosser things and you can snap off the other edge of it to use the built-in toothpick. A package of “Hint Mints†is also included with the kit, flavored as Pomegranate Acai sours. The packaging notes they are kosher and contain no animal products. Score: 4

Comfort Items: It’s hard to really come up with an “exceptional†sock, but I have to give Delta some props for theirs. The bottoms have little foam gripper thingies that I think are pretty cool. The eyeshades fit ideally, snug yet comfortable, and effectively block out all light. The cylindrical earplugs are a bit too small for my taste, and although soft, they easily drop out of my ear (it’s probably just my oversized elephant ears). A small packet of three facial tissues is also included. Even though the earplugs were too small for me, the socks and eyeshades bump this category up a notch. Score: 5

Intangibles: The kit feels substantial and provides a sense of luxury you come to expect while flying internationally in the forward cabin. Even though I’m not a fan of the round bag, I’ll give Delta credit for being unique and differentiating theirs from other standardly sized cases. Score: 5

Total score & comments:

a yellow and black rectangular box with numbers and black textAs a former marketer, I like that Delta’s logo was branded on many of the items inside the kit. The kit also included a full-sized pen, which is always handy and makes a good takeaway. The Korres information slip does offer a discount for future purchases, although there is a printing error. It reads, “Korres is pleased to offer Delta passengers a 20% discount on all Korres products. There are six easy ways to redeem your 10% discount…†So which is it: 10 or 20%? Overall, it’s a decent hybrid kit between First Class and Business Class, and given my comments above, a total score of 3.95 is fair.



  1. Wow…you are one thorough reviewer…and I for one appreciate that. I manufacture these kits, and anyone who picks up on typos is my favorite! It is a 20% discount, and seven pairs of eyes did not pick up that typo..It has already been fixed, and I am sorry you got a romance card that was not yet corrected.

    Round about August take another Delta International flight and fly BE…you will be a happy flyer, and I am anxious to see your score on what will be a very special new kit..

  2. Hi Anita,

    It’s an honor to have the actual manufacturer weigh in, so thanks for stopping by. Yes, I may take the reviews “a bit” further than most, but I’m going to stand by it. 😉

    Thanks for the heads-up about the upcoming version this August(ish)… I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

    By the way, I’ve always wondered why they call it a “romance card.” Is that the industry standard term?

    Thanks again,

    • In my opinion, I think that all these amenity kits are nice because they fit needs, and isn’t that all we need to survive one night on a flight. Seriously though,It has everything we would use either waking up or going to bed

  3. I looked further into the Korres face cream and found out that it has yogurt in it but its not made entierly out of yogurt. Also, do the “mints” have any minty taste at all? From what you explained, they sound more like candy.

  4. i needed a toothbrush and my sister had a box of different amenity kits from her travels. I like the color red and grabbed the delta amenity kit. I like the toothbrush and the way it’s designed. I wish i can find toothbrushes in that style.

  5. And as an interesting thing, the Delta museum in Atlanta is actually selling these. They also have a very old amenity kit that was a CD case. I picked up a few of these, and would be more than happy to let you review it for a historical view on US Amenity kits.

    • @mowogo: Interesting Delta is selling them! Do you remember for how much? And thanks… I just sent you an email about the old CD case kit. 🙂

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