Amenity Kit Review: Emirates First Class – Women’s Version

I’ve always wanted to add an Emirates amenity kit to my collection and I can’t thank Teja, who authors the Grab a Mile blog, enough for making it a reality. Here’s a review of what I believe is their current offering for this installment of Amenity Kit Reviews. For a better description of each category and the 7-point scale for scoring, please review my introductory post.

a group of toiletries and a bagBag/Container: The padded, ultra soft brown suede bag is manufactured by Harmony Onboard and opens to reveal a cream colored, expandable interior with the Emirates logo appearing throughout in gold. There are a total of seven miniature pockets on the interior designed to hold the skin care products and other items described below. Also in gold is the Emirates logo appearing on the leather patch sewn into front exterior of the bag. Smartly, they added a rubber bottom to protect the case’s fabric. It’s a gorgeous case and would be ideal for reuse. Score: 7

a close-up of a bagSkin Care: A heavenly amount of skin care items are included. From Bulgari, the kit includes unscented hand cream and face emulsion, both of which absorb rapidly and feel incredibly oil-free. The box each came in is a bit unnecessary, but a nice touch of further branding. From Temple Spa, a tube each of “Take a Grip†(dry shower in a tube), “Peace Be Still†(calming face & body balm) and “AAAHHH!†(soothing balm for aching feet & limbs) are included. I can’t identify the scent of the “shower in a tube,†but it’s fresh and fragrant. The face & body balm is mostly lemon and citrus, while the feet & limb balm is primarily sandalwood, of which I’m a huge fan.  Score: 7

a brown hat with a grey bandOral Care: Here’s where the review steps down from the heights of perfection. I was surprised to only find a toothbrush (admittedly a nice, full-size one) and Colgate toothpaste in the kit. Perhaps the lavatories stocked mouthwash, something I would absolutely expect in a high-end first class kit. And maybe a flosser would be appropriate here. Maybe I’m being too picky. Score: 4

Comfort Items: Comfort items abound in this kit. The oversized eyeshades are the softest I’ve ever come across and feature a Velcro strap and Emirates tag. A combo brush/comb is always handy and this kit includes a mini-mirror (the rectangular suede leather thing you see in the main picture with a gold Emirates logo).

a pile of white knitted socksThe socks are another story. They are the very cheap ones that barely hold together and defects are visible. A packet of seven tissues is present along with the coolest items yet – two sniff boxes: one labeled “Focus†containing bergamat, lemon & cinnamon and the other “Sleep†with lavender, camomile & neroli. Pajamas are also provided, though I don’t have a set to review. Even though the socks are cheap, I have to give this category a top score. The other items more than make up for them. Score: 7

Intangibles: Emirates’ First Class kit is better than I imagined and lives up to what I’d expect from a top-rated airline. It’s luxurious and I give huge props to airlines that offer gender-specific kits. Branding is prevalent, but not in your face. As Emirates equals “first class†in my mind, and this kit exemplifies sophistication and indulgence. Score: 7

Total score & comments:

a yellow and black rectangular box with numbersBesides the rather pedestrian oral care category, this kit delivered in first class amenities. Now I’ll just have to fly them myself to get those PJs and take a shower onboard their A380. The score of 6.25 easily earns this kit the 2nd best kit I’ve ranked to date.

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  1. Its a shame to see Amenity kits lose their “lustre” after such great one’s like LH’s Rimowa poly cases from a few years ago. A victim of cost cutting and expense control…. 🙁

  2. The airlines marketing dept. needs to do a better job in bringing luxury brands on- board by providing product placement opportunities.

  3. There is some downgrade going on here with EK, if I recalled, the previous version actually include a travel size bottle of Bvlgari “red tea” perfume. Not to mention, TempleSpa was a brand AA used previously in their amenity kit, it is business class skincare products, definately not first class. It would be better off come with Bvlgari lipbalm and a Evian Spray instead of those TempleSpa products, to me I would definate rate the skincare for 6 or even 5.5 !

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