Amenity Kit Review: Indian Pacific Gold Kangaroo Class

I’m changing things up a bit for this installment of Amenity Kit Reviews. Shockingly, I’m running light on current generation airline amenity kits. I may end up reviewing some “vintage†kits in upcoming installments until I acquire new ones.

But in the meantime, here’s what I received as a passenger on the Indian Pacific in Gold Kangaroo Class in 2007.

a group of small bottles of toiletries and a bagThe Indian Pacific train runs the width of Australia from Sydney to Perth with stops in Broken Hill, Adelaide, Cook and Kalgoorlie along the way. It’s a 3-night journey and I had a fantastic time in the then first class section. Today they have three classes of service – Platinum, Gold and Red – which basically equate to first, business and coach on an airline.

I won’t put this toiletry kit through my usual hard-core scoring system as it wouldn’t necessarily be an apples-to-apples comparison with airline amenities. But you’ll see some similarities, of course.

The navy blue, padded-canvas zipper bag features the Indian Pacific logo the one side of the exterior, making it an instant souvenir and treasured item in my collection. Gold Kangaroo passengers were also treated to a stickpin and a travel certificate acknowledging the transcontinental journey.

I was expecting citrus-scented shampoo, conditioner and hand lotion given their coloring, but they simply have a light undetectable fragrance. Of course these are now five years old, so a bit of aging could have dampened their original potency.

Also included in the kit are a full-size toothbrush with cover, Oramint spearmint toothpaste (made in Missouri!), dental pick/floss, shaving kit with razor and cream, a packet of facial tissues, and a shower cap.

I wish I would have been a blogger, or at least had an inkling I’d eventually start one, as a full trip report of my journey would make a spectacular post.

a man standing next to a train

Off-train excursion in Cook, Australia

Sadly, my pictures (and memory) are scarce and lack completeness of how I’d prefer to write it up. I’ll just have to ride again, or perhaps take the south to north journey on The Ghan next year.

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