Amenity Kit Review: Lufthansa First Class Bogner kit (Fall 2010)

It’s time for another Amenity Kit Review and I chose the Lufthansa Bogner kit I received last September when I flew First Class from Seattle to Frankfurt. For a better description of each category, and the 7-point scale for scoring, please review my introduction post here.

a bag with a variety of personal care items

Bag/Container: Shortly after boarding and settling into my seat, I was offered the men’s version of Lufthansa’s then current amenity kit. The sturdy nylon zipper bag is mostly deep navy blue with brown leather accents. Manufactured by Bogner (a high-end German fashion and accessory store), it includes their logo on an embossed leather tab and a stylized “B†zipper pulley. Inside, a mesh pocket hugs one side of the logoed lining with a patch reading “Lufthansa First Class†on the other side. It is very high quality and can easily be used repeatedly in the future, so I give Lufty top marks for this bag. Score: 7

Skin Care: Lufthansa chose the La mer line of skin care products, and the men’s kit contains the Lamarin Men Hydro Vital 24h Crème. Sold here in the United States at the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue and Neimen Marcus, the generous amount of moisturizer was appreciated for a long flight and was perfect for the face. Separately, the lavatories offered individually sized Clarins of Paris one-step facial cleanser with orange extract and a hand & nail treatment cream. Additional hand lotion also was provided, as well as moist refreshment towels. Razors and shaving cream were also available in plentiful supply inside the lavs. The only thing missing in my opinion was a lip moisturizer, although it is included in the women’s version based on the information in the La mer product info card. Score: 6

Oral Care: The popular German brand Pearls & Dents toothpaste was included inside the kit, along with a full-sized toothbrush labeled the same. Standard fare and nothing fancy, but they got the job done. Included in the lavatories was not-so-individually sized mouthwash, but easily used with the little paper cups. With the meal service, Lufthansa includes toothpicks on the tray, so those were handy as well. Mints were aplenty on the ground, but nothing in-air, so this serves as my only real complaint for this category. Score: 5

a folded clothes and slippersComfort Items: One item I greatly appreciate that many non-U.S. carriers offer to First Class passengers is the pajama set. Lufthansa is thankfully one of them, and partnered with another trendy German company van Laack. The top is incredibly soft and comfortable, and includes a Lufthansa First Class tag sewn into the back neckline. The bottom is more reminiscent of drawstring nursing scrubs, and although not as soft, was perfectly sufficient. I enjoyed the full-size socks & slippers that were well made and durable. They came in a nice drawstring pouch featuring a gold crane Lufthansa emblem. The soft earplugs were included inside the kit, along with covers for use on the headset ears. Score: 6

Intangibles: Everything about the bag, branding and items felt luxurious and exclusive. The differentiation from the business class offering is substantial, and it was an added bonus to have pajamas available in different sizes. Many of the items are reusable, and I give Lufthansa high marks for the overall impression made. Score: 6

Total score & comments:

a yellow and blue rectangular sign with black text

When I initially opened this kit, I was sort of taken aback at how few items were contained inside. After my first trip to the lavatory and seeing everything supplied in the baskets there, I was then impressed with everything Lufthansa offered. Overall, Lufthansa’s amenity kit was a step up from what I was used to on most U.S. carriers, and the pajamas were a particular bonus. A score of 5.9 is well deserved.



  1. I have many amenity kits from the 1960′s on that I would like to sell/donate or otherwise relinquish. Do you have any info on individuals or sites that might be interested? There is a variety of airlines represented, some of which are now defunct.

    Thanks for any info you can give me


    PS Have enjoyed reading your site

    • Hi Barbara, thanks for reading along!

      For your vintage kits, you might want to consider selling them on eBay. There is quite a collectible & memorabilia market that would be interested in them. If you would rather not take the time to sell them yourself, there are many “Trading Assistants” that specialize in selling your items on eBay. More information can be found here. Also, you might want to contact the World Airline Historical Society, who would likely have further people of interest in your kits.

      If you have current version kits, I do know of a frequent flyer who donates them to homeless shelters. Again, that would really only be beneficial for current kits with unexpired products.

      Hope that helps.
      Thanks again,

  2. Wow, what a year of difference, I just did LH F, and what I got wasn’t as good as what you got, I had the day time flight, still got the Bogner bag, but much cheaper looking than yours. Still have the same products inside the bag, but no Clarins inside the lavatory, and no LH brand hand lotion can be found on the old F 343 for MUC-ORD. (I did see the LH hand lotion on new F 744 FRA-KIX though)

    Also about the PJ, LH don’t always offer the set, it is only for overnight flights you got the complete “set”. For MUC-ORD, they claim it is a daytime flight, despite the flight length is 10 hours (also only the first hour has light outside, the entire flight afterwards was totally dark), all I got is PJ top but not the bottom. Why are they being so stingy about F ?

    • Yeah, LH can definitely improve their PJ offering. I do like the daytime top since it has a collar. You didn’t miss anything with the bottom. They’re scratchy nylon-ish nursing scrubs… not too comfy.

  3. Have you gotten your hands on the current business class kit? If not, is there a way I can post a review on your site (I have a kit)?

  4. I have some amenity kits that you have not reviewed yet. Is there a way where I can post a review on your site?

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