Amenity Kit Review: United Airlines Global First – 2012

United Airlines recently refreshed their amenity kit offerings now that the merger with Continental is solidly complete. I previously reviewed the new BusinessFirst kit and now bring you the Global First kit for this installment of Amenity Kit Reviews. For a better description of each category and the 7-point scale for scoring, please review my introductory post.

a close-up of a bag with a variety of itemsBag/Container: The deep navy blue rectangular case is made of some type of high-quality canvas-like synthetic fabric and has a magnetic snap closure. A small silvery-gold metal plate featuring the United logo and Global First brand is affixed to the lower right-hand front side. It opens to reveal two large zippered mesh compartments divided by a penholder elastic band. Handily, it has a fabric loop sewn into the top allowing it to hang on the lavatory door. As you can see below, the “United Global First†brand is heavily promoted on the interior of the case. While I generally prefer an actual bag, I do very much like this design and reusability would be high. Score: 6

a blue bag with zippersSkin Care: United went with the philosophy brand of skin care items this time around and the kit includes “hope in a stick†lip balm, “hands of hope†hand cream, “hope in a jar†oil-free moisturizer, “hope springs eternal†facial spritz, and a “purity made simple†facial cleansing cloth. The scentless, gel-like hand cream absorbs rapidly and was surprisingly un-greasy. The lip balm, too, lacked any scent or flavor, but the moist facial cloth had a slight aroma of sandalwood and sage. Separate facial moisturizer was ideal to apply after using the cloth and I absolutely love the mist/spritz on flights for instant refreshment. And my germ-phobic self was very happy to find a small bottle of Purell hand sanitizer in the kit. The enclosed product information card for philosophy offers 20% off any purchase of $50 or more on their website using an offer code. Score: 6

Oral Care: I’m thrilled United changed out the toothbrush that’s been making the cut the last several iterations of their kits. This one is medium-bristled and one of those where you pop the brush into the case. A tube of standard flavored Colgate toothpaste was also included along with Scope original mint mouthwash and two packages of peppermints containing two each. And I’m impressed by the Crest Glide dental floss – when you tear the pouch open, the floss stays internally adhered to each end of the pouch making it easy to avoid dropping it. And all the items come in a quart-sized plastic bag perfect for use for the 3 oz. TSA rule. It, too, is emblazoned with the United globe and Global First brand. Score: 6

a plastic bag with white squares on itComfort Items: Eyeshades, socks and a plastic shoehorn are ribbon wrapped with yet another item featuring the United globe logo. The eyeshades are “one size fits all†with elastic straps and the socks have been slightly upgraded with little round rubber grippers on the bottom – a nice touch. Also included are a wooden comb (with the United Global First brand logo), soft-ish earplugs, a package of three tissues and a soft cleansing cloth perfect for cleaning eyeglasses or mobile device screens. I’m a bit torn between scoring this category a 5 or 6, so it’s getting my first-ever half point bump. Score: 5.5

Intangibles: This is by far the most substantive kit United has offered international first class passengers since I’ve been a collector. It contains a huge amount of useful items and it is indeed an exclusive amenity. I’m a branding dork and while the logo is virtually everywhere, I dig it. The full-sized pen is an added plus. Score: 6

Total score & comments:

a yellow and blue rectangular box with black textI can’t fault anything in this kit and the score of 5.88 strongly reflects a solid offering. Now only if United would supply pajamas in Global First…

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  1. The first time I flew United First was from Melbourne to Los Angeles in 2005, and they provided pajamas then. I have flown United First LAX or SFO to SYD about twice a year for the pasy few years and have noticed a steady decline in the service. Ironically, the best trip was March of this year which I interpreted as a sign that the merger would bode well for first class. The worst trip, had to be an SFO-SYD return trip at the end of September, beginning of October this year. While the new amenity kit has been introduced, the service was lacklustre at best and the food seems to have been significantly downgraded.

    • @Gary: Aw, I disagree… it’s a pretty good international kit (especially for a U.S. airline).
      @LufthansaFlyer: It’s definitely the best of the U.S. airlines.
      @aadvantagegeek @Kris: Thanks!
      @Nikos: I fully intend to get my hands on the new Qantas offerings! 🙂

  2. Wow never knew there was such an offering as an Amenity kit. I thought I was fortunate to get a deck of cards at one time on Singapore airlines. I definitely need the tricks to upgrade.

  3. I just flew United Airlines 1st class from Tokyo Narita to Bangkok – 7 hour flight (medium haul). I used my miles and had a choice of a number of airlines to get me to Bangkok 1st class. I confirmed on a UA site that I would indeed get an amenity kit and the details of the amenity kit. Just before take off the FA brought over a basket with ear plugs, eye mask and toothbrush. I asked about the amenity bag and he gave me the dirtiest look and said “it is a la carte”. Even on the 1st class menu at the back it said in writing flights between Narita and Bangkok there is an amenity bag and described the contents.
    UA are crooks. Glad they are losing the NRT-BKK route. Route by route will be glad to see them leave Asia.

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