American Airlines is launching something called “Arrivals” next year

I appreciate it when the airlines I fly wish me a happy holiday and thank me for flying with them throughout the year. American beat United this year, and I received the following email this afternoon:

a screenshot of a website

I thought it was cute they went all multi-media and I clicked into the video expecting snowflakes and Christmas tunes, but instead was overwhelmed by the word ARRIVAL. The video comes in at about 1:48, and I heard ARRIVAL or ARRIVALS 18 times. That averages out to once every six seconds, which leads me to conclude there will be something fantastic unveiled soon named ARRIVALS.

But wait, United Airlines currently offers the Arrivals SuiteSM, where International First Class and full-fare Business Class passengers have access to an exclusive ARRIVALS lounge.

If I’ve annoyed you by now with my own overuse of the word ARRIVALS, then I don’t think you’d like to watch the video in question. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

(This post is not sponsored by American Airlines AArrivals)

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