American Airlines Terminal 4 construction at LAX & Los Angeles I-405 closure

I received an email from American Airlines yesterday advising of Los Angeles area travel alerts impacting both travel to the airport and construction inside Terminal 4. I appreciate the proactive notice and wonder if I received it as being based here via my AAdvantage profile, or if this was a blanket broadcast to all American customers. In any respect, kudos to American for sending it out and if you have plans to be visiting LA this weekend, it’s important to know our freeways will be more jammed than normal.

Affectionately known as “carmageddon†here by we Angelenos, portions of I-405 are scheduled to be closed this Saturday and Sunday July 16th & 17th in part to demolish the Mulholland Drive Bridge, and to continue expansion of the freeway to accommodate the ridiculous amount of traffic seen on the roadway. The 405 is my #1 route to LAX and I’m very happy to be staying put this weekend and avoiding the mess. I’ve seen tweets from Delta Air Lines and the LAX Official representative on Twitter advising of the closure, and the digital traffic advisory signs all around LA have been displaying the same info.

American is also making improvements to Terminal 4 at LAX and just recently moved premium check-in to the East lobby and added a couple of dedicated screening lanes for Priority Access customers near the top of that closest escalator up to security. Also, American will be overhauling a couple of gate areas at a time through May 2012, which will cause some flights to depart from remote gate facilities. As such, the carrier is advising to be at the gate no later than 45 minutes prior to departure since the last bus will leave from the terminal 20 minutes before scheduled departure for flights using remote stands.

Here’s the link to the official notice and I copied the email below.

a screenshot of a website


  1. I’m an AA EXP flying to LAX on Saturday morning and I did not receive this notice, so it was probably not a blanket broadcast. Good to know, however, as I have a connecting flight. Thanks

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