ANA’s Unique First Class Amenities

I decided to take a closer look at the links in an email I received from ANA yesterday to discover some first class amenities I’ve never seen before. They apparently offer knit wear for rent, sleep support items including “power tape” (?) and a rather remote-control looking foot roller. I’m intrigued. What’s “power tape?”

a screenshot of a website


  1. Slippers are common in ANA C/F. Shoe horn to get in/out of your shoes… and slippers… because they’re rather comfy.

    Although I did end up with more pairs than I’ll ever need in my life on one of my trips…

  2. The sleep support items are “Phiten” brand “Power Tape” and scented cards. The “Power Tape” are more like round circular bandages with small magnets in them. They’re supposed to help relieve pain, tension etc…my mom uses some stuff like this…I find it hard to believe that magnets would help that much but…meh. Just search “Phiten Power Tape” and you’ll see whats up. And as for the scented cards…what better to make you relax more than nice smelling stuff :p.

  3. @ Gary – Actually what you see in the photo is not PJ, the knitwear is like a cardigan, it is available for both F and C pax to use inflight only. THe PJ on NH consist of top and bottom, you can actually keep.

  4. Does flight from San Jose to NRT (Flight NH1075) on ANA 787 Business class give out the Rimowa amenity kit? Or is that only exclusive for First class flights?

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