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If you read my previous installment you know I visited the Singapore Airlines SilverKris lounge immediately after I passed through security and exit immigration. It closes at 10:00pm, so wanted to spend a little more than an hour and a half visiting a lounge I hadn’t been to before.

a front view of a buildingStar Alliance Golds can currently access any Star lounge with a valid boarding pass for that day on any Star carrier, along with sometimes needing to present your Gold card, which was necessary here. The gentleman ahead of me was a Star Gold with Lufthansa, but he didn’t have his card with him and was turned away. I asked if I could guest him in, but was told he’d have to be on the same flight as me, which he wasn’t.

Immediately around the corner from reception is a sizable business center with computers. They also had writing kits with Singapore Airlines stationery, envelopes and a pen. I helped myself to one.

a room with cubicles and computersa pen next to a folderI made my way back to the fairly sizable general seating area, but first passed one of the self-serve beverage and light snack stations. Every beverage imaginable was available along with a small area of nibbles. My memory fades me as to what they were (note to self: write this stuff down on the spot).

a bar with a beverage dispensera group of bottles on the wallSeveral sub-sections of seats graced the area, each with a comfortable chair and side table in a softly lit setting with dark wood walls and other furnishings. My apologies for the quality of the following iPhone pic.

a room with lights on the ceilingThere was a section dedicated to First Class and Suites passengers, which was empty given there were no further Singapore Airlines departures for the evening.

a room with a television and a few lamps Two long credenzas separated a couple of the seating areas and they were stocked with magazines and newspapers. Someone took care in artfully displaying the KrisWorld November movie selection brochures.

a shelf with newspapers on ita fanned out flyer on a black surfaceI grabbed a coffee and Perrier and sat down to plug in only realizing I left my adaptor at the hotel. I approached reception to ask for one and they happily provided it once I handed over my boarding pass as collateral. After a while I went to check out the main dining area.

a hallway with a glass doorInside directly to the left were two long bar-style seating areas and an area of tables, as well as a row of them along the far wall. I didn’t snap a picture of those as other guests were present and I didn’t have a chance to get a couple of snaps discreetly. You can sort of see what I’m referring to in the picture above.

The offerings here weren’t over the top, but much better than what was found in the CNAC lounge. They included sushi-like nibbles, rice, steamed vegetables, fried veggie, crab and shrimp rolls, soup, pastries, sandwich wedges, and an assortment of noodles and other items. I again note to myself to write this stuff down in the future. A well-stocked beverage area was also present

a table with plates and bowls on ita sink with two bowlsa restaurant with a buffetI made a small plate and went back to the general seating area to work on my computer a bit. I never really know if they frown on your taking a plate outside of the dining area or not, but I’m certain I’m not the only one to do so.

a plate of food on a tableI refreshed my coffee and worked for a bit only to notice the lounge agents hovering about 10 minutes to 10:00pm. They were mainly cleaning up all the other areas from where passengers recently departed, but made several passes by where I was sitting. No problem, it was time anyway. I powered down, packed up my bag, received my boarding pass back from reception and made my way to the CNAC Lounge reviewed in the installment before this one.

Of the lounges I’ve visited at HKG, SilverKris is probably the second best option for Star Golds flying Asiana. It’s nicely laid out and offers tastier refreshments and snacks than the CNAC Lounge, but I think the United Airlines Red Carpet Club has a one-up on SilverKris. The only downsides are that there are no restrooms inside the club, I imagine it would be packed when a Singapore A380 is soon to depart and if you’re looking for windows you won’t find any. I sort of like the soothing nature of a darker environment unless I’m looking to planespot. I have not had the opportunity to visit the Thai Royal Orchid Lounge and would have had to rush down to gate 40 with only probably 40 minutes to explore before it closed at 9:30pm that night. Asiana’s flights almost always depart from the low gates.

Next up will be Asiana flight 724 to Seoul-Incheon and as a preview, it was a fantastic flight and all the food was delicious unlike my ICN-HKG experience.


  1. Great TR so far, Darren. I’ve flown Asiana a few times in short & medium hall coach, and medium and long hall business and I’m a huge fan.

  2. You should have been able to guest the other man, the lounge dragon needs to brush up on his/her star alliance rules and regulations – as long as your guest is departing on a same-day star alliance carrier, he can enter with your blessings.

    It’s only in USA where stupid lounge dragons float around, which is kinda sad.

  3. @ Jeremy – That is typical of SQ, wherever it is. However, I heard LH acts the same way too from stories on FT.

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