Bonus point promotion: 10,000 goldpoints for a one night stay at Country Inn & Suites

a green and red sign with white textCountry Inn & Suites is offering 10,000 bonus goldpoints by staying just one night (Sunday through Thursday) before February 17, 2010. I took advantage of a similar deal last year, and fully intend to make a qualifying stay once again. My goal for 2011 is to hit 100,000 points in the program, and will then decide if I want to redeem them for 18,000 United Airlines miles, or for hotel room(s) during my future travels. Having just returned from staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel at Zurich Airport, I now have more than 54,000 points, so I’m well on my way to that goal.

Last time I did a mattress run at the Ontario, CA Country Inn & Suites, I literally checked in, rustled up the bed, moved a couple of items around, and left shortly after. I had an overall good impression of the property and room, so this time I will likely stay the night giving me a chance to do a proper hotel review.

Tip of the hat to Ric Garrido at Loyalty Traveler for first posting about this ‘Country Means Business’ deal, and giving an excellent analysis of the rebate value of such an offer. Check out his posting here.


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