British Airways Concorde to become London attraction next year

Plans are underway to bring one of the last Concordes to fly to a yet to be built attraction along the River Thames in London. The “Alpha Bravo†supersonic jet earmarked for public display last flew on August 15, 2000, and is currently sitting in a British Airways hangar at Heathrow Airport. Investors need to raise £20 million to cover the cost of the project, but sources reported in this article claim to be confident in their ability to come through with the investment.

The display would be situated on a platform between the London Eye and the Hungerford Bridge, and will offer tours, exhibition space on a lower level deck, and likely a souvenir shop. Here is an artist’s rendition of what it might look like when completed.

a plane on a floating platform

While I never had the luxury to actually fly on one, I did tour through the first Concorde ever built at the French Air Museum at Le Bourget Airport outside Paris. It was fascinating to walk through the incredibly small cabin and wonder what it must have been like to zip across the Atlantic Ocean in less time than it takes to fly from Los Angeles to Cleveland. For U.S. enthusiasts, there’s one at the Museum Of Flight in Seattle open for public tours, as well.

The timing of the project couldn’t be more perfect to line up with London hosting the Summer 2012 Olympic Games. This attraction will certainly be in my “top 10†things to do in London for a future visit!

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