British Airways Retweeted WHAT?!!

I thought United retweeting an article containing questionable customer service and reference to “losing†an unaccompanied minor was bad. But today British Airways waaaay outdid United in retweeting the following expletive-loaded tweet:

a screenshot of a social media post I was visiting my parents today and on my laptop scrolling through Twitter before we headed to a pre-Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving lunch and nearly shouted, “Holy shit!†when I came across that tweet. I ended up going to British Airways’ official account page on Twitter to confirm it really came from them… and it did. Wow. I “favorited†it, took the screenshot and went to lunch.

Now that I’m back at home and catching up, I see British Airways deleted the retweet and sent the following out to its followers:

a screenshot of a social media postAnd Tnooz confirmed with a BA rep via email that an investigation is being launched. Me thinks someone who manages BA’s Twitter account might’ve been a bit tipsy Saturday evening UK time and wasn’t thinking before hitting the retweet button.

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  1. So something awkward happens and you leap to the conclusion that the offender was drunk??

    As opposed to the offical BA customer reply policy? Um, maybe not drunk, but certainly stupid and out of a job.

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