Cathay Pacific’s comfy looking Premium Economy cabin

In case you haven’t seen the latest video Cathay Pacific added to their YouTube channel, here it is. Cathay Pacific’s Alex McGowan takes you on a tour of the new Premium Economy cabin on what I think is an Airbus A330 given the 2-3-2 configuration (and overhead bin style). The PE seat maps on their website show a 2-4-2 layout for both the 747s and 777s.

There are some negative comments posted claiming it looks like something out of the 1980s or 1990s, but I actually think it looks pretty darn comfy – especially the bulkhead row with a huge amount of room.

Airport service includes dedicated check-in counters, extra baggage allowance and priority boarding. Onboard amenities include a pre-departure hot towel and beverage service, upgraded meals, bottled water, a small amenity kit and a larger pillow (plus a blanket, I assume, though it isn’t mentioned).

This cradle type of seat actually might be more comfortable to sleep in than Air New Zealand’s fixed back offering in Premium Economy, though some commenters disagree.

What do you think?


  1. Nice recline but it looks bone crushing for the seat behind. The back of the reclined headrest looks like it’ll be inches from the nose of the person in the seat behind.

  2. It looks a good product. Reminds me of VS PE product. Would definitely consider this on future trips. Thanks for the post

  3. Video is somewhat deceiving, as it mostly showed Alex on the bulkhead seats. The seats behind don’t look too comfy to me, as DDKen points out “looks bone crushing for the seat behind”.

  4. Now look at the row behind it… sardines.

    Yet may be better value than their horribly dated and also sardine-like B/C product.

  5. Actually, the new CX PEY is an excellent product and has all the styling of a regional J class of a narrowbody but adapted to fit the wide body. I’ve flown on it a few times and it’s an excellent product. Thumbs up.

    Great product and great onboard service.

  6. Unless one can get the first row, otherwise I would be really hesitated to sit on the row behind when someone recline

  7. Also, except the first row, the rows after would be hard to use the legrest if the person have long legs. I wonder why the guy wouldn’t show when someone recline in front, how hard it would be to watch the PTV mounted in the seat back in front.

  8. I think the website shows the seats behind have a different sort of foot rest, and suggest a 38 pitch, which may give enough room to avoid being reclined into? We’ll just have to all try to see!

  9. The seat behind the bulkhead have legrest attach to the seat in front which you just pull it down yourself manually , that would be useful only if you have short legs, otherwise, your feet would be put in an uncomfortable position.

  10. I would love to be able to review the premium economy seat but having paid for it, I was told there was a plane change and the new plane had no premium economy, so I was bumped down to economy. I hate economy and never fly economy, having been a member of Cathay Pacific’s frequent flyer program for over 12 years, you would think they knew that. The problem with flying premium economy on Cathay Pacific, is that they have very few planes that have the 4 class seat plan, so if there are any problems, you will be flying in economy. As I have a back problem and my wife was pregnant, I would never have chosen Cathay Pacific if I thought there was a possibility of having to fly in economy!

  11. Just returned from Hong Kong on the Prem Econ Class, we took it both ways. It’s worthed the upgrade, it’s more room for the 15 hours long flight. The only comment we would say is the ethiquette of the person in front of you, we were fine going to Hong Kong but on our return flight to Toronto, this person (must be a frequent flyer as the majority of the stewardess know her) she reclinced her seat all the way during the whole flight, even when she was eating – this made it difficult for us to get in and out to the washroom. It’s not Cathay’s fault. Also a male steward spilt red wine on my husband’s pants without offering to do anything, we don’t want to create a big scene and don’t want him to lose his job.

    • @mmose2006: Thanks for the review! I bet it was a challenge to get up with the person’s seat reclined. Cathay’s flight attendants are normally fantastic… sorry to hear the one didn’t offer to help.

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