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Immigration and customs were quick and effortless and I was on my way to find Cathay Pacific’s “The Arrival†lounge. I didn’t look up its location before arriving so like any man, I began wandering around looking for it assuming I’d run into it. After a couple of passes through the arrivals hall and down another corridor, I relented and went to the nearest information booth. The agent’s English was excellent and she pointed me in the right direction. It’s actually down two escalators below the trains to the city for anyone who would like to know. a mannequin in a marble room

I entered, surrendered my invitation and the agent around the corner offered to take my roller bag, but I asked to use the showers first. I was escorted to one of the eight available shower rooms.

a white towel on a marble bencha bathroom with a toilet and a showera bathroom with marble walls and a sinkThe packaged amenities sitting to the left of the sink included a toothbrush with toothpaste, comb, shower cap and a vanity kit with Q-tips and cotton balls. Common use hand & body lotion, facial cleanser and after-shave were also available. I didn’t notice a sign here offering razors and such, but I’d have to imagine they’d be available upon request.

a sink with a faucet and soapsAfter a refreshing shower and change of clothes I checked my roller bag back at reception and walked through to the back of the rather small lounge, passing two small seating areas, one with a television and the other centered around a newspaper and magazine rack. I took a seat at a table in the dining area where an agent handed me a menu, but also noticed the self-serve buffet nearby.

a table set up with silverware and napkinsa buffet table with plates and bowlsI forget what else was on the menu because I saw pasta with bacon, so I stopped there and ordered it. What can I say? Anything with bacon wins out in my book. While she disappeared into a back room, I took a closer look at the buffet.

a coffee machine and tea seta group of bowls of food on a tablea plate of fruit and a bowl of chipsFor beverages, a range of soft drinks, water, juices, coffee and tea were available. To the right of that, packaged snacks, pre-made & wrapped mini-sandwiches and dessert items were on display, followed by a selection of cold salads and cherry tomatoes. Continuing to the right was fresh fruit and finally a selection of two different kinds of soup. I sat back down and shortly my order of pasta arrived.

a plate of pasta with a forkIt was delicious and I also grabbed a pre-wrapped mini-sandwich, some Oreos and bottled water to take with me for my new quest to find the hotel. Before I got up, I snapped the following picture showing the small seating area around the TV in the distance, as well as a few of the computer workstations in the foreground.

a room with a few computersDeciding to make life easier I asked reception on the way out how to get to the hotel, which is attached via an air-conditioned walkway to the terminal. She happily gave me directions and wished me a pleasant evening. Be sure to check out the short video below that includes a full tour of the shower room showing it off with much more clarity than the pictures appearing above. Up next will by my review of the Regent Airport Hotel Hong Kong.


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  1. Nice post. Arrival lounges (with showers) are a joy, and a service that I gladly purchase when I can, if not otherwise qualified for entry. If showers are not available, meh! After a 10+ hour flight, *nothing* beats a shower and fresh clothing before begining whatever adventures lay ahead. If there is one lounge feature that *always* fails me, it is those multi-lingual, automatic coffee dispensers. Perhaps I’m coffee machine-challenged, but I’ve yet to meet one from which I can obtain the desired beverage and I always require assistance. The assisted product is usually fairly good, but not when I operate the machine. I’m enjoying your current series. Sorry to hear about the bad meal, but it happens. -C.

    • Hi cedarglen, Thanks & I agree… a shower after a long flight partially negates jet lag and readies you for the remainder of the day. I didn’t try the coffee machine, but know what you mean. I’ve learned now that tough, chewy meat is preferred in Chinese culture according to a few of the commentors on that post… who knew?!

  2. Oh… I had no idea the Arrival lounge had an ala carte menu!

    When I was there September 2010, they never offered me a menu… =P

    And yes… the shower was good after a long 15 hour flight!

    Thanks for the great review… Definitely stirs up memories, and making me look forward to my CX flight in December!

      • Thanks, Darren. I will be travelling F class from Toronto to Hong Kong, transit in HK for an hour and then business class to SIN… Unfortunately, they had no more F class seats to SIN, so I was bumped to business class… But I will call closer to departure date to see if I can put myself on F class again.

        After reading your reviews on The Wing and The Pier, I know I will be checking out The Pier on my way back to Toronto! =) Thanks again for the great reviews… It’s helpful for time strapped moms like me!

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