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After leaving Cathay Pacific’s “The Wing†I headed for the intra-terminal train station as the airport is absolutely enormous and a walk to “The Pier†didn’t seem appealing. As with the previous lounge, First Class and Business Class have separate and unique entries.

a sign on a wallI took the escalator down one level to reception, presented my boarding pass containing a re-entry stamp and was welcomed into the lounge. Some reviewers dislike the dungeon-esque feeling being downstairs as there really are no windows with a view (one row of frosted windows exists where you can see the silhouettes of aircraft on the ramp), but I found it warm and exclusive.

a group of people in a rooma room with couches and a lampSeveral groups of seating areas with comfortable leather chairs and couches were situated throughout the space, some surrounding televisions and others set up as if they were in an entertainment-free living room. Wait staff are just as attentive at The Pier as they were at The Wing and moments after finding a seat, I was approached and asked what I wanted to drink.

a room with a large counter and a large bara row of brown chairs in a roomAfter a while, I went to check out The Haven, the same buffet-style restaurant as is found at The Wing. The layout here, though, is more appealing offering a true restaurant feel with a unique area for tables and another for buffet service. I probably should have mentioned this in my review of The Wing, but its setup was more reminiscent of what you’d find at a Holiday Inn Express – an area with uninspired seating next to a buffet counter. Yes, it was much busier at The Wing when I ate there, but this setup provides a lot more space and definitive sections.

a wooden table with fruit on ita buffet table with plates and bowls on itStill in the breakfast hours, I went for a sort-of Eggs Benedict dish without the hollandaise sauce and ham (yes, it really was ham this time!) with a couple wedges of watermelon.

a plate of food with a egg and watermelonAfter eating, I wandered around a bit snapping a couple more pictures of the entry to three of the six Daybreak rooms – private enclaves where you can sleep or lounge and watch TV – and the ample section of computer workstations. Now here’s where I’m a bad blogger… I did not get a chance to check out the Daybreak rooms or shower facilities as I had to make my way back to the terminal for boarding. Next time!

a marble wall with a sign on ita desk and chair in an officeIf you only have time to hit one First Class lounge on your trip with Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong, I’d recommend The Pier over The Wing right now, but reserve the right to change my opinion once the remainder of Level 7 opens over at The Wing. I had a far more soothing and enjoyable experience at The Pier. Next up will be the final installment of this trip report reviewing my flight back to Los Angeles onboard a Cathay Boeing 777.


  1. This report was perfectly timed for me as I was in HKG for over 14 hrs due to weather delays from the typhoon in the Philippines. I was actually in the “Wing” when your post came up in my reader. After reading, I headed over to the “Pier” and although I was only in the Business Class lounge as I only have OneWorld Emerald, it was indeed nicer and less crowded than the “Wing”. Thanks for the heads up.

    • You could probably just get away with showing your first class boarding pass, but I asked about it before leaving The Wing for The Pier and she stamped me.

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