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Check-in for my return flight to Los Angeles was super quick and with boarding pass and lounge invitation in hand, I made my way through security and immigration exit control with ease. Just past that area I was immediately greeted with a sign directing me to Cathay Pacific’s “The Wing†First Class lounge.

a woman in a red dress standing next to a signIt’s a short walk down a narrow corridor on the balcony level overlooking gate areas below and large windows facing the tarmac.

long shot of a white wall I was greeted pleasantly having surrendered my lounge invitation and was directed around the corner to the main seating area. Before making my way there I took a quick look into “The Library†immediately adjacent to reception. Only one person was in there at that time using one of the workstations, so was able to take a quick video of this relaxing section, which is included below. Then I passed the restrooms on the left and several walk-in cubbies with a vast selection of international newspapers and magazines to the right.

a bathroom with sinks and mirrorsa row of columns in a roomThe main seating area had several mini sections with comfortable chairs and sofas, as well as six single-sided workstation units with plenty of seats, outlets and a computer & printer at one end. Waiters were abundant and constantly circling around asking for your beverage order.

people sitting in a lounge areaa man sitting at a desk in front of a computerNear the back of the lounge was another sectioned off seating area with leather chairs and side tables, and here is where you would normally be able to access the Level 7 Business Class section. It, however, is closed for renovations until early 2012, so I was unable to see Cathay’s unique The Noodle Bar and The Long Bar.

a room with chairs and tablesFirst Class passengers have access to The Haven, a buffet style restaurant, and The Cabanas, private bath, shower & relaxation suites. The restaurant was absolutely jam-packed and I waited a few minutes for them to clear off a table. It was so busy, in fact, that I felt too awkward to even snap a shot of the area with my iPhone. I did manage to take a picture of my meager food selections of a scrambled egg “boat,†some kind of processed meat (I really don’t know what it was) and watermelon.

a sign on a walla plate of food with a forkAfterwards, I asked if a cabana was open and was directed to one of the eight total that are available. Each private room features a bathtub, separate shower room, toilet, sink area and backyard with a chaise lounge chair on one side and longer flat bench-style seating on the other. The backyard is semi-private meaning that all the other cabanas open onto the same long community row of rocks facing the frosted wall where you can see people’s silhouettes as they pass. Here, you could literally step out onto the rocks and walk the length of the cabanas if you wanted to be weird. I sat down for a bit in the chair, but a couple that had the two cabanas to my right were talking to each other constantly from their backyards so it was anything but relaxing sitting out there. I took some video and then went back to the main seating area to relax for a while.

a room with white walls and a doora white bathtub in a bathrooma bathroom with a sink and a mirrora bathroom counter with a few toiletries and tissuea white robe from a hooka tan chair next to a black tile floora person's legs and feet in front of a glass wall

The tall ceilings and open-air feel are very nice, as is the view out to the tarmac. My only complaint here, though, is you have to actually stand up to look outside at the ramp as the frosted glass partitions rise too high when you’re seated. I ordered a coffee and orange juice, shot some video and worked a bit on my computer.

a chair in a room with a table and a coffee tablea large window with a plane in the airportWhile nice, this lounge has seen its better days and it is slated for a makeover early next year. I was hoping for something more like Lufthansa’s First Class lounge offerings in Frankfurt or Thai’s in Bangkok, but this lounge came nowhere close to that level of service and ambiance. I’d consider it more of an upgraded Business Class lounge, actually.

After a while I decided to make the trek to Cathay’s “The Pier†First Class lounge and received a re-entry stamp on my boarding pass for admittance. That lounge review will be up next for this trip report and in the meantime, take a look at a bit more of “The Wing†in this video.


    • Thanks. BTW, you weren’t restricted from viewing it in Germany? (per the YouTube music copyright match thing it claims my video isn’t viewable in DE)

  1. I had a lot of free time at HKG last week before my HKG-SFO CX F segment.

    I was not very impressed last week with The Wing…the food was so-so, and I found it to be too warm and uncomfortable for me, especially since it was very crowded. The wi-fi wasn’t too fast either.

    However, I did like the dayrooms at The Pier, and was able to nap for 2-3 hours using the leather recliner and ottoman.

    The Cabin has fresh fruit juices, but I found it to be too crowded. However, they did have a room of Macs where the internet access worked very well.

    Overall, for a lounge, I preferred the SQ and TG lounges at HKG for the combination of food, comfort, and wi-fi. (Although I’ve only used standard Star Gold access, and not an F ticket.)

    • Come to think of it, yes… it did seem warm in The Wing. Didn’t visit The Cabin this trip, but will be back through HKG later this year and look forward to reviewing it. I’ve heard the SQ & TG lounges are great in HKG… one day I’ll get there!

  2. The Cabin is a little nicer/newer, but not over the top. It has standard height ceilings, which, after the Wing, will seem constricting.

    At the Wing, are the Cabanas just for f pax, or can ow emeralds use them too?

  3. Nice report.

    Any observations re; liquor/ wine selections? I know the best thing (for me) in the Concorde lounge in LHR is the champagne, Otard XO and Johnny Walker blue.

    • I actually didn’t see a full drinks menu, but I’d have to guess just about everything would be available. I preferred the way Lufthansa showcases it in their First lounges, as well as on the drink menus situated at just about every seating area.

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