Do Travelers Love Social Media and Mobile Devices? Yep

I’m an infographic fan, mostly due to my very visual nature (read: short attention span), and MDG Advertising put one out there recently showing how travelers use social media and their mobile devices.

A couple of things that stand out to me on this one are:

  • 18% of people surveyed used mobile device to book a hotel or flight.
  • 50% use mobile to check flight status this year vs. 30% in 2011.
  • 30% use mobile to check-in for a flight this year vs. 17% in 2011.
  • Not surprising, 68% use mobile to keep in touch while on vacation.

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Infographic by MDG Advertising

Hat tip: Tnooz

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  1. I”m ashamed to admit this, but I’m so dependent on mobile devices that if you dropped me in a strange city without my phone, I probably wouldn’t survive.

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