Easy Extension of United Airlines Regional, Global Premier Upgrades?

United has been allowing the extension of expiring Regional Premier Upgrades and Global Premier Upgrades (at your request) during the past several months. And I had one of each expiring tomorrow that were extended through December 31, 2012.

My call to the MileagePlus Service Center took less than a minute and after providing my PIN, they immediately showed extended on United’s website.

(Side note: I’ve found the agents staffing the South Dakota service center particularly pleasant and engaging over the years, always thanking me for my business. This agent simply answered, “MileagePlus” and after I asked for an extension, 20 seconds of silence ended with, “What’s your PIN?” Another 15 seconds passed and the agent simply said, “Okay, they’re extended through 12/31/12. Is there anything else I can help you with?” While there’s nothing wrong with how the call went, it was quite a change from all of my previous phone calls directly to MileagePlus. Did I get a former OnePass rep?)

Anyway, there are reports on Flyertalk that some people haven’t had as easy of a time getting their upgrades extended. Member ULMFlyer posted:

Just called the GS line to extend a GPU that expires today. Agent put me on a conference call with the MP desk. And the MP desk told me they can’t extend my GPU until December because I am an original OnePass member and the system only allows them to extend GPUs from original MP members. WHT?? Is this info true and I didn’t see it upthread?

After another member advised to ask to speak to a MP Supervisor, ULMFlyer came back with:

Got the same spiel from a supervisor. Said GPUs originally earned in OnePass accounts cannot be extended by the system. Mentioned your case and was told it must’ve been because you must also have had an MP account that was merged with your OnePass. Whatever, this is too much trouble for a GPU. I have neither the patience nor the time to deal with this company anymore. Thanks to FT, I’ve got 16 SWUs with AA.

And Flyertalker g_leyser had a completely different experience:

I have 2 more GPUs expiring in November. I called MP to get them extended one month to 12/12. Agent told me I can only extend them during the month they expire, so I have to call back on November 1st. I was in no mood to argue. I’ll just call back.

Anyone else have issues, or were your extensions as easy as mine? As always, often the tried and true method for success is to simply hang up and call back.



  1. What’s the point? I’ve only been able to use them domestically. Internationally I’m really not up for paying an extra $1K or more for a chance to sweat it out at the gate either barely squeaking by or just missing it… That’s been my experience with them internationally, can’t remember last time I could confirm one in advance, unlike with AA – I’ve only missed having an eVIP clear *once* – I’ve made it with AA again this year – the only reason I’m making sure I get to 1K w/UA is to get better WL positions during irrops.

    • @Asya: Sorry you haven’t found confirmable space in advance. I guess I was fortunate this year. I was able to use 6 in advance – 2 for a r/t to SYD and 4 for a r/t to DUB (traveled with a companion).

  2. I was recently able to get an extension for several upgrades on a former onepass account. Here is the explanation I was given:


    Thank you for your response. We understand some MileagePlus 1K members are asking about extending unused Systemwide Upgrades. MileagePlus does have an exception policy to extend some very specific 2011 MileagePlus Systemwide Upgrades. Back in November, 2010 subsidiary Airlines announced that beginning January 1, 2011, we were changing how MileagePlus members would earn Systemwide Upgrades, and when they would be deposited into an account. New Systemwide Upgrade Policy: When a member reaches 100,000 Premier Qualification Miles or 120 Premier Qualification Segments in a calendar year, we would deposit 6 Systemwide Upgrades in their account. It used to be that we waited until the January of the following year to deposit the 6 Systemwide Upgrades. Example: If a member reached 1,000 miles in September, 6 Systemwide Upgrades were not deposited until the following January and they would expire on December 31 of that year.

    The decision was made to reward the 1K MileagePlus members closer to when they earned the status. However, some 1K’s said that in 2011, they might have an excessive number of Systemwide Upgrades that expire close to each other. In response to this feedback (within one week of the November, 2010 announcement), we implemented an exception policy to extend some specific 2011 MileagePlus Systemwide Upgrades. MileagePlus 1K member who have Systemwide Upgrade(s) that qualify for this exception to contact MileagePlus Service Center for an extension within 30 days of the Systemwide Upgrade expiration date.

  3. I called the United 1K line twice over the last few days as I have 1 RPU expiring today that I was hoping to get extended til the end of the year. They said the same thing both times. GPUs can be extended til the end of the year, but RPUs cannot be extended in any case.

    • @KevininRI: Don’t call the 1K reservations line, call MileagePlus directly (I used the main number 800-421-4655). And the ‘ol motto applies, “hang up and call again” as many of us (self included) had our RPUs extended.

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