Eau de Airline: Turkish Airlines Launches ‘TK 1933’ Fragrance

I missed this when it was announced late last month (hat tip to @airlinetrends for tweeting it earlier this week), but Turkish Airlines now has its very own scent. According to their press release:

(On May 30), Turkish Airlines introduced the fragrance “TK 1933†that will be yet another tool used to take the airline’s brand to another level while helping the company achieve its targets for 2023. The fragrance is intended to provide a sensory recognition of the global branding of Turkish Airlines and to bring a sense of relaxation and happiness.

a red box with a bottle of oil and sticks

Turkish Airlines' New 'TK 1933' Fragrance

“TK 1933â€, a fragrance created by the international perfume company, MG Gülçiçek, has been introduced as the designated branded fragrance that will be used in Turkish Airlines’ VIP/CIP Lounges, ticket sales offices, inside the aircraft, and for other corporate purposes. The name “TK 1933†was chosen as a tribute to the year that Turkish Airlines was founded.

I couldn’t find it for sale anywhere online, likely since it’s used for “corporate†purposes as noted above and not intended for a retail environment – it might get some balks alongside the Chanels and Diors of the world. But I’d certainly love to add this to my airline collectibles.

And I think Turkish should consider adding an appropriately sized sampler to its award winning business class amenity kit to further promote the brand.

British Airways had planned to launch a signature scent aboard its planes a couple of years ago (I’m not sure if they followed through), and Singapore Airlines created a standard company scent for both hot towels and the perfume worn by its flight attendants.

Interesting? Unique? Crazy? What do you think? I like the idea so long as it’s light and not overpowering.

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  1. Hello,I would like to know if it is possible to buy the TK 1933 fragrance, I live in Argentina and I just bought a TK Buenos Aires Casablanca round trip ticket on april 28th next year. I would like to buy this fragrance for a guest house I run in Mar del Plata city (MDQ). Your articles are very interesting!
    Have a nice day!

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