Eight examples why I love window seats

Honestly, I don’t always sit in window seats. Most of my flights are lengthy and I prefer to sit in an aisle seat as I generally dislike having to ask my seatmates to get up when necessary (I know… I just need to get over it). When I do sit in a window seat, I always have my shade open and enjoy taking in the view.

I just went through my photos from the past couple of months and thought I’d share just a few of the many pics I took during my travels. No matter how many times I’ve flown a certain route, I always find something new to look at below. There’s just something so cool about flying and watching the world go by that never gets old.


  1. I’ve always had an affinity with wing-window seats, myself. Gives me an idea; maybe I shoot start a photo blog about wing-window photos.

    Great pics, thanks for sharing!

  2. While I enjoy window seats most of the time, I am starting to lean towards aisle seats. I like the ability to get up and move without bothering a whole row of people.

  3. I fly more miles over water than land, but I agree. I remember the breathtaking view of the winter snow-covered arctic tundra over Siberia. Truly amazing.

  4. The best window seat in the world is flying from Delhi – Calcutta (or vice versa). On a clear day you can see the entire Himalayan range, from snow-covered peaks to the giant Ganges river to the plains of Northern India. It is truly, truly awesome!

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Window seats are essential for me: for view, to control the shade, less noise from fellow pax and FAs, no bumping from people in the aisle. If I need to go the restroom, I sometimes wait for the others to get up. Luckily I don’t need to go constantly.

    One of the most attractive features of first class is that you’re well ahead of the wing. In coach, I try to avoid the wing – which means I often give up the exit row.

  6. About 95% of my flights are in the window seat, and I wish it was more. I take 20A+ over aisle seats at the front of the cabin all the time. Can’t complain when an upgrade clears and I’m stuck in an aisle seat.

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