Eight examples why I love window seats

Honestly, I don’t always sit in window seats. Most of my flights are lengthy and I prefer to sit in an aisle seat as I generally dislike having to ask my seatmates to get up when necessary (I know… I just need to get over it). When I do sit in a window seat, I always have my shade open and enjoy taking in the view.

I just went through my photos from the past couple of months and thought I’d share just a few of the many pics I took during my travels. No matter how many times I’ve flown a certain route, I always find something new to look at below. There’s just something so cool about flying and watching the world go by that never gets old.

aerial view of a landscapeaerial view of snowy mountainsaerial view of a snowy mountain rangeclouds and blue sky above cloudsa view of a valley from an airplaneaerial view of clouds from an airplanean aerial view of a mountain rangean airplane wing and sky


  1. I’ve always had an affinity with wing-window seats, myself. Gives me an idea; maybe I shoot start a photo blog about wing-window photos.

    Great pics, thanks for sharing!

  2. While I enjoy window seats most of the time, I am starting to lean towards aisle seats. I like the ability to get up and move without bothering a whole row of people.

  3. I fly more miles over water than land, but I agree. I remember the breathtaking view of the winter snow-covered arctic tundra over Siberia. Truly amazing.

  4. The best window seat in the world is flying from Delhi – Calcutta (or vice versa). On a clear day you can see the entire Himalayan range, from snow-covered peaks to the giant Ganges river to the plains of Northern India. It is truly, truly awesome!

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Window seats are essential for me: for view, to control the shade, less noise from fellow pax and FAs, no bumping from people in the aisle. If I need to go the restroom, I sometimes wait for the others to get up. Luckily I don’t need to go constantly.

    One of the most attractive features of first class is that you’re well ahead of the wing. In coach, I try to avoid the wing – which means I often give up the exit row.

  6. About 95% of my flights are in the window seat, and I wish it was more. I take 20A+ over aisle seats at the front of the cabin all the time. Can’t complain when an upgrade clears and I’m stuck in an aisle seat.

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