ExpertFlyer upgrade & award alerts for United-Continental flights post system conversion

If you haven’t already guessed by reading several of my recent posts, I’m closely monitoring my reservations and other ticketing concerns as the United Airlines system conversion creeps closer.

I’m a big fan of ExpertFlyer and have several “Flight & Seat Alerts†saved that are monitoring upgrade and award space on future itineraries beyond the planned March 3 cutover to Shares. I emailed ExpertFlyer last week asking whether or not they’ll automatically convert the alerts to match the new class-of-service codes/buckets and received the following reply.

a quote on a white backgroundI’m glad to hear they’ll be proactive and adjust all saved alerts, as well as send out a confirmation email. As they mention, it’s always a good idea to double-check your own alerts after the cutover, so I’ll be doing just that next Monday or Tuesday.

To access your saved alerts, just click on the View Saved Alerts link under the Flight & Seat Alerts section found along the left-hand column after signing into your account, as shown below.

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