Exposure to advertisements while traveling is on the rise

Whether you’re watching television, browsing the Internet, or driving down the road, it is nearly impossible to shield yourself from the constant barrage of advertising. Yes, I realize I have ads on this website, too, but if you’re like me you’ve learned to ignore most of them. That said, my anti-ad concentration was broken this past weekend when I flew through Chicago O’Hare.

Let me just say that I wasn’t surprised to see advertising begin to appear in the trays we use when passing through security. I can’t imagine they receive too much focused attention in the hurried state of affairs there. Nor was I stunned by the decision to place ads on tray tables onboard. The audience in this case is certainly captive, and at least United’s current ads are pleasant to look at. What did kind of amaze me, though, was seeing the following when using the tunnel between the B and C concourses at United’s Terminal One at ORD:

a blue sign on a escalator

I don’t know whether to be impressed by the concept or annoyed at the fact that even an escalator handrail is no longer safe. I’m leaning towards the latter and wonder where I’ll next see an ad… on pillowcases at hotels? In the lavatory? On those moving metal slats of a baggage carousel? What’s your guess?

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