Frequently Flying Is Moving! Well, Sort Of

Earlier this year, BoardingArea underwent an attempted server change that was rolled back after some issues popped up. Those issues are no longer expected to pose a problem and the migration has been rescheduled to begin tonight.

Frequently Flying should still be up for your viewing pleasure during this time, but blog comments will be disabled and I won’t be able to update or post anything new until getting the green light that the move has been completed (likely late Friday or sometime on Saturday).

[Edited Sunday June 23, 2013: The migration was completed this morning, comments have been reactivated and new posts will be coming shortly… hooray!]

You can email me at during this time with any questions or comments, and I’ll do my best to reply promptly.

My Amenity Kit Reviews and Vintage Airline Seat Maps might be interesting to peruse while I’m offline from posting.

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