Great United Airlines fleet information resource

Over the weekend, Henry Harteveldt – a top airline industry analyst – tweeted a link to a pretty incredible resource for United Airlines enthusiasts that details their entire fleet and includes information on each aircraft’s progress through interior modifications.

a screenshot of a website

It’s a nifty resource to bookmark and when you click into a specific aircraft type, it displays a table showing each aircraft’s specifications and even includes whether or not it has been repainted into the “new†United livery.

a screenshot of a computer

Based on the 767-300 page, it appears that the first domestic “ghetto bird†(N674UA) is in Hong Kong undergoing modifications for conversion into an ETOPS aircraft with BusinessFirst seating and AVOD. The remaining 13 aircraft in this sub-fleet are also scheduled for the same conversion and these aircraft will eventually be seen flying international routes.


  1. Darren – Saw this earlier last week via and think it is fantastic. It’s a great tool to know exactly what aircraft you’re flying and what it has on board for PAX.

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