Guest post: Lounge review of the US Airways Club in Charlotte

[Editor’s note: This post comes from my best friend and fellow frequent flyer, Eric. It’s his second lounge review to appear here on Frequently Flying… enjoy!]

Darren offered to post this review of a recent visit I made to the US Airways Club in Charlotte, NC. There are two US Airways Clubs in Charlotte, one in the B Concourse and one between the C & D Concourses. Once I arrived in Charlotte early off my inbound flight from Chicago, I had plenty of time before my connection so I chose the larger C&D Concourse Club.

Finding the club was easy since it’s right at the intersection of the C & D Concourses. You enter a very large area and check in with the attendants. Since I’m not a club member, I purchased a One-Day Pass for $50.00. After paying the fee, I moved into the club and walked around looking for a seat.

a large room with a large ceilingThe main areas in the club were pretty full, so I ended up finding a spot in one of the work corral areas which were empty. There is also a Business Center and six conference rooms.

a room with chairs and a framed pictureAfter grabbing a spot, I walked around the club looking for a refreshment stand and found one with coffee and a Flavia® machine. It lets you make your own coffee or tea from a variety of available choices. There were a couple of soup kettles offering vegetable soup and a variety of snacks, including Milano cookies, chips, spicy snack mix, cheese and cracker packets, and some olives.

a man standing in a restaurantI don’t know what the clubs serve during the week or high peak times, but it seemed a little barren to me. If you are looking for beverages other than coffee or tea, you have to go to the bar where they serve free beer and wine, as well as soft drinks. Other alcohol is available for a price.

After picking up a few things, I headed back to my work corral and started working on this report and wasting a bit of time surfing the internet on the free available Wi-Fi for which I was given a card when I entered. The airport itself also offers free Wi-Fi and I noticed many people using it, but didn’t test the service myself.

people sitting in a room with a tvAfter working for a bit, I walked around checking out the other areas of the club, including the bar area and quiet room. I was glad to see the club that day was kid free, a change from my DTW Delta Sky Club visit a few years ago. The club seemed very quiet like at a public library where no one wanted to talk too loud. I headed for the bar and grabbed a glass of the merlot and it was pretty good, but I wasn’t expecting a fabulous glass of wine from an airline club for free.

a room with chairs and tablesOverall, I thought it was good product but the snack and beverage options were a little on the slim side. I know that this isn’t the BA Concorde Lounge in LHR, but I think that an airline club at an international hub should have a little more to offer its guests. I haven’t been to a United Club since the merger, but believe they have a better product and hope to put that to a test soon. [Darren’s note: No improvements since you’ve last been to a United Club, sadly. This club at least had soup!]

Would I use the club again? Of course I would. It’s a good product and on a layover of a couple hours it’s a good place to relax either before your flight or while you’re in transit. I don’t mind paying the money for a visit to a lounge, but I wouldn’t do it if I only had a 45-minute layover.

A little side note – If you ever go through Charlotte and are connecting to the E gates be prepared for a hike.  I was departing from gate E38 (at the end of the concourse) and I felt like I walked a mile from the club and would never get there.

Hope you enjoyed my report.


  1. Thanks for the report. I’m still waiting for my United
    Club card so I couldn’t go in (I’m based out of Charlotte for the summer so I hope to use it a number of times). This seems very spacious compared to the United Club in ATL and DFW.

  2. Visit some foreign lounges sometime. Kids are welcome in many of them. Lounges in Australia, Asia, and South Africa have play rooms for kids. Your mother might have wished for that when you were a little one.

  3. Thanks for your review–I was just there in April and enjoy that lounge. I’m not a smoker, but I was sad to see the big smoking lounge is now just a “quiet” room.

  4. If you by a ticket online at US the day pass is only $29 and a three month pass is only $90. Last year they had a special annnual pass deal for $250.

    You should note that it is good for United Clubs as well and can be used for either club even if your not flying Star Alliance. Also, if you are flying Star, it can be used at most member lounges.

  5. “I was glad the lounge was kid free”. You must have been a brave boy a long time ago. Quiet. No crying.

    And why the heck are happy about a godd glass of wine that you call ‘free’ when you paid 50$ for it???

    • @All: Yeah, I knew Eric might get some slack for the kids comment. He actually loves kids, but I get (as does he) what ya’ll are saying.
      @heike: Aw, cut him some slack about the $50. He wanted to experience the lounge, so didn’t think twice about it.

  6. My toddler busted his lip open on one of the hard tables in that very same lounge a year ago. If there had been a kids play room, I would have gladly kept him there, but there was none. US based airline REALLY don’t get it when it comes to premium passengers with children. The lounges seem geared strictly to business travelers. We love foreign lounges because they often have a safe, dedicated kids area with little toys and games. It keeps the kids happy, the parents happy, and the “oh yuck, kids” crowd happy too.

    • @Jake: The kids areas ARE indeed great ideas. I wonder if United will grow the “family room” concept from the ex-Presidents Clubs and incorporate them into the Red Carpet Clubs. They should convert the conference rooms for that purpose as I haven’t seen a conference room in use in years.

    • @Beth: My best guess is no as I believe there’s language on the United pass that mentions it’s only valid at United Club locations, regardless of the fact US Airways is a Star carrier.

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