Hilarious “Hitler’s Rage” video about United Airlines’ MileagePlus changes

One of my good friends sent me a link to a gut-busting version of the “Hitler’s Rage” video showing how “Hitler” reacts to the 2012 United Airlines MileagePlus program changes. If you understand German it might not be that funny, but the captions are brilliantly written and perfectly timed for a highly entertaining four minutes. My apologies in advance for the damn ad you have to watch first… it’s worth the wait, though.

P.S. I’ve been working on (and traveling for) a new and exciting project this week, so my apologies for the lighter and briefer posts. Will introduce you to my new endeavor very soon.


  1. I love these Hitler Reacts videos, but the company that owns this film has been working hard to get all of these off YouTube.

    I feel his pain as a 4 year Premier Executive and now Premier Silver.

  2. Being a german I even didn’t listen to the original text, as it was so fascinating to read the text in english. Funny (and I -Silver Member- feel as upset as the movie shows, lol)

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