Hilarious YouTube video about achieving airline elite status

I’ll occasionally search YouTube for recent airline and airport related videos, and came across this hilarious one today. If you’re a mileage runner or think mileage runners are absolutely nuts, then this video is for you!

My only complaint about the video, though, is that the fare of $550 to earn 5248 miles is TERRIBLE!  That’s 10.5 cpm (cents per mile), which is just dreadful.  Keep reading my blog and you’ll understand later what I mean.


  1. Thanks for posting this, but there are more factors than just cost per mile. I like to complete mileage runs in the shortest amount of time possible, so I don’t have any additional costs for food/lodging/transportation. Also, I don’t like to fly too many miles over the 50K threshold, because those are dollars/miles/time that should be used for qualification in the following year.

    • @Spencer: Thanks for finding my site, and even more thanks for the hilarious video. You’re right about keeping the expenses low for mileage runs. I’m just used to getting them < 4cpm, so your fare was a bit shocking to me. If you've never browsed the mileage run deals forum over on FlyerTalk, I’d encourage you to do so. Have fun on your mileage run & enjoy the status!

  2. Another nice job, Spencer! Glad you had fun on your mileage run, and enjoy the extra perks now that you’re Gold.

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