1. The MBZ card also gives a whole host of befits to MBZ owners – a 2000 mile overage waiver on your lease, $1000 repurchase incentive and $100 a year parts and service credit – its a pretty good deal for the $25 more, if you own an MBZ

  2. There are far better options for those who aren’t lucky enough to be targeted for a better Plat offer than those 25K affiliate links. For example, AMEX frequently runs a 75K offer for the Biz Gold, so better to wait for it, then upgrade to the Biz Plat. Similarly, I believe there is currently a 50K offer for the Personal Gold card. By signing up for either the Personal or Biz 25K Plat you are excluding yourself from a 50-75K Personal or Biz Gold bonus. Someone would really need to be desperate for the Plat card to use those 25K links.

  3. If upgrading the Business Gold to Business Platinum, do you have to pay the annual fee upfront? I just received my Biz Gold with 1st year annual fee waived. What is the highest Biz Plat bonus point sign up that you have seen offered in the past?

    • @TV: I’m unfamiliar with the Gold to Platinum upgrades, honestly. And likewise, I haven’t been following AMEX offers all that long, but believe the highest I’ve seen for the Business card was 50k.
      @jason: Many others have been successful in purchasing airline gift cards and have been reimbursed under the $200 credit… I’m hoping that’s still the case! If not, I’ll have to buy a lot of snack boxes (or rather… I’ll use it for an upcoming $200 rebooking fee for an international flight I had to cancel).
      @E: The criteria are certainly proprietary. And I’d have to bet if someone applied for a Platinum and was rejected, that a call to the reconsideration line might trigger a Gold offer.

  4. I disagree with this statement:
    “Then, I’ll purchase gift cards (probably in $50 increments) under their program to capture the statement credit and use those cards for future flights.”

    This is against Amex policy of incidental charges. Gift cards are excluded!

  5. So that brings up a good point – what are the criteria for getting Platinum in the first place? Are there effective minimums for credit score, income, etc? Should some people consider applying for gold and upgrading later, versus applying for platinum and potentially being rejected? I’ve been wanting a platinum card, but I’m not sure whether I qualify or not.

  6. The amex Plat.card has come in handy for traveling and the use of the lounges.. also to be able to transfer membershio miles(it is cheqaper than using delta miles to transfer)

  7. I also bought 4 AA gift cards and was reimbursed in 2 days, then used the gift cards to buy a plane ticket. You can also change the carrier every year and get the credit again. ie: I got my platinum card in Oct and used AA as the carrier to get the credit. After Jan, I can change airlines (still deciding who to go with) and will get the $200 credit again. Nice perk.

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