I Won a United ’30 Days of Friendly’ Giveaway… Can You Use It?

In case you haven’t heard, United Airlines is running a daily Twitter promotion highlighting its new “Flyer Friendly†ad campaign that resurrects the “Fly the Friendly Skies†slogan.

I posted about it last week when it was introduced, and it’s basically 30 days of random giveaways mostly focused on prizes redeemable in hub cities (at least so far). And since transportation isn’t provided for the localized prizes, I’m now only entering the ones I’m interested in. Well, at least those that aren’t tied to a specific location.

And on Sunday, I won United’s third giveaway of free baggage delivery service:

a screenshot of a social media posta screenshot of a social media postI responded with the necessary info and on Monday I received the following email from the company managing the promotion:

Dear Darren,
CONGRATULATIONS! We have exciting news for you! Your entry in the United Airlines 30 Days of Friendly Promotion has been selected as a Day 3 Prize winner! It is our pleasure to inform you that you have won:

A baggage delivery, awarded in the form of a voucher.

Before delivery of your prize can be arranged, you must reply to this e-mail by 1:30 pm ET on October 2, 2013. Please include the below requested information in order for us to send your prize. If you do not respond by1:30 pm ET on October 2, 2013, your prize will be forfeited. Once confirmed, your prize will be delivered as promptly as possible, approximately six to eight weeks after you reply to this email.

[Lots of legal mumbo jumbo, followed by:] If you are not in agreement with the terms listed above or you would like to decline the prize, simply do not respond to this email. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reply to this email. On behalf of our client, United Airlines, Inc., please accept our sincere appreciation for your participation in our promotion.

In all that legal text that I deleted because it’s just too long to post here, there was nothing mentioning whether or not accepting a prize would exclude me from winning further entries. And since it was only day three of 30 with potentially “better†prizes coming, I tweeted United to ask if accepting it would exclude me from other entries. Happily, I received the following response:

a screenshot of a computerAnd so, I accepted the baggage delivery prize, though I really doubt I’ll use it since 99% of the time I’m a carry-on only type of traveler. The last time I checked a bag was in July 2012 when I went back to Australia for two weeks. But my win might be your win, as when the certificate arrives, I’ll certainly give it away if transferability is an option.

There are some potentially great prizes coming up, according to United’s press release about the promotion:

Customers who follow @united through Oct. 26, 2013 may enter for chances to win prizes including Economy Plus seats, MileagePlus award miles and domestic roundtrip tickets. The airline will post daily announcements on its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels to encourage friends and followers to visit @united and tweet messages and post photos. United will then randomly choose and announce the winners each day.

I’ll continue to enter daily when something interests me. Today’s giveaway was tickets to museums in Chicago. Fortunately, they’re the museums not impacted by our government’s shutdown.

Have you been entering?

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  1. I would be interested, although, like you, I don’t normally check bags. I have a one week international trip that gets me to SEA (via ORD) 2 hours before a mileage run. I was considering using the baggage delivery service to dispose of some of the stuff. Or, I could just pick the bag up the next day, but I’ve never done that before.

  2. I’d love to try out and test that product and review it back on my next trip to Maui on Oct 26th! Let me know if you haven’t found someone – I’d love to try it!

  3. Congrats, though it seems that you were picked so they could get some additional “PR/Marketing” through the Blogs, these people know who everyone is and I doubt it’s a coincidence.

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