Insightful Remarks From Spirit Airlines’ Chief Marketing Officer

Barry Biffle, Spirit’s chief marketing officer, spoke at the Association of Travel Marketing Executives conference today in Miami. I wasn’t there, but it sort of felt like I was reading Henry Harteveldt’s real-time Twitter updates from the event.

Henry, if you don’t follow him, is a veteran airline and travel industry analyst working for Hudson Crossing and often shares the best quotes from these types of events. And his selection today from Barry Biffle didn’t disappoint. Here’s a rundown of a few insightful remarks from earlier:

a screenshot of a computera screenshot of a social media postSpirit’s business model caters to the leisure and O&D (origin & destination, point-to-point travel) segments, and his remarks here reflect that strategy. It’s sort of shocking for an airline to come out and say they’re not for business travelers, but it works for Spirit.

a screenshot of a computera screenshot of a social media posta screenshot of a social media postI grouped the three above together, but I could be taking them out of context. Passengers not wanting to be pissed off probably refers to the amount of ancillary fees and their cost. Spirit does show their lengthy menu of fees on their website, but I bet it is a challenge for them to deal with unaware customers who’ve booked through some travel agents.

a screenshot of a social media postHa! Well, yeah, that’s some marketing spin… but it’s true. Those options certainly come with fees, though.

a screenshot of a computera screenshot of a social media post Spirit definitely offers a low-ball base service price and I can see a lot of truth in these two remarks. While they don’t have another airline trip to compare it to, I wonder how Spirit’s first time fliers rate the experience?

Separately, Spirit’s CEO Ben Baldanza was speaking at another event today and made a rather honest remark concerning Spirit’s fees:

a screenshot of a social media postHow true, indeed. The round-trip baggage fees on Spirit would likely be more than the total airfare for the family.

One of my goals this year is to step out of my comfort zone and fly on both Spirit and Allegiant, just for the experience of it (well… and to blog about it). Allegiant will likely be first as they fly into my home airport. Stay tuned!


  1. I have flown Allegiant from DSM to PIE for $9. PIE is a much better airport than TPA.

    also done many MSP to ORD weekend trips for $60 rt.
    (Ryder cup, Buffett)

    Just don’t check any bags.

    • @lu: Thanks for the insight!
      @James: I should be able to do RNO-LAS on Allegiant and then perhaps add a Spirit flight on the same day to somewhere else… we’ll see how brave I get. 😉

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