Interview with the head of American’s social media team

I previously posted just how impressed I am with the folks running American Airlines’ Twitter account. They’re active, responsive and professional, yet also know when to throw in some personality and have fun. If you follow @OneMileataTime and @AmericanAir, you’re in for an occasional treat of playful and hilarious banter.

I finally got around to interviewing Jonathan Pierce, American’s director of social media communications, for my Road Warrior blog on and invite you to take a read of the full Q&A session. An excerpt:

Q: Why do you allow your team to have fun and add personality to their replies, particularly on Twitter?
A: Our team is focused on providing exceptional customer service, responding and inspiring customers to fly American with practical travel advice and assistance, all with a human touch. Given the evolution and expectation shift in how our customers are engaging with us, we are moving from communication to conversation. I have a team of fun, fresh, innovative thinkers – their personalities naturally are expressed into our social communities. There’s an understanding of when it’s appropriate to insert personality, compassion and understanding into the conversation.

Learn more about American’s social media strategy, customer insights and plans for the future by reading the full interview here.


  1. Have to say I am impressed by @AmericanAir I follow @OneMileataTime and saw how they interacted, so decided to follow up on a schedule change via Twitter. It was a good experience. I got what I needed (an earlier flight) quickly—I did the communication when I had a moment during the day, with no hold.

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