Just In: Woman Breaks Into United Airlines Headquarters in Chicago

CHICAGO – Earlier today, a woman was seen leaving the United Airlines employee parking lot headed West on Algonquin Road in her car, making a quick escape from the airline’s Executive Offices.

Security cameras later revealed she pulled into the lot undetected and snuck through a door that hadn’t been securely shut alongside one of the long corridors of the building.

Footage inside also showed she entered the employee logo gift shop and about 15 minutes later, exited with a bag of United Airlines collectibles and memorabilia.

Megan Smith, the shop clerk working at the time, later revealed in interviews that the woman seemed enthusiastic and excited to be shopping for items branded with United’s logo.

Ms. Smith went on to say, “she was beside herself mentioning how much her son was going to love the things she was picking out.â€

The mysterious woman paid with cash, so there is no way to track her identity. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact Darren Booth at Darren@frequentlyflying.com.

That was the headline and article, or so I’d like to think, back in the early 1980s in suburban Chicago. The story is true, actually, and I know exactly who did it.

It was my Mom, and I will always be grateful for having such an unconditionally loving mother that she’d risk trespass charges to get her United-loving son something unique for his birthday.

I love you, Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!


a woman and a boy sitting on a couch

Mom and Darren (early 1980s)

[And yes, my astute long-time readers, this is a repeat of my Mother’s Day post from two years ago, but hey… it’s my blog and prerogative 😉 ]


  1. It is really inspiring to see bere what a mom is willing to do for her child. That was a really nice story to share. I don’t care if you already told it before; it’s still a great story!

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