Lounge Review: American Airlines Admirals Club – Denver International Airport

I decided to use my free American Admirals Club day pass (courtesy of their recent promotion with Klout) in Denver last month, and bring you a brief lounge review.

It’s located above concourse A at the north end of the A-gates bridge from the Jeppesen Terminal near an elevator shaft. The overhead signage made it easy to find coming from the light rail station two levels down.

an empty hallway with a sign

Admirals Club Denver 'Outer' Entrance

I expected to be inside the lounge after going through the double wooden doors, but it’s actually down the hall to the right with a USO lounge to the left. And while it also has signage calling it a British Airways club, it’s effectively just an Admirals Club.

a lobby with a sign and a desk

View Towards the USO Club

a hallway with a sign and plants

Hallway to the Actual Admirals Club Entrance

I was quickly processed in and found it sparsely populated with plenty of seating areas available.

a lobby with a tv and chairs

View Back Towards the Entrance

I situated myself in a little nook just before reaching the bar area. The windows pictured below look down to the concourse, as well as through to the light rail station one more level down.

a room with chairs and tables

Seating Area

a bar with chairs and tables

Bar Area

a room with chairs and tables

Another Shot of My Little 'Nook'

The bar area itself has a self-serve soda machine and snack mix available in one of those tower things (not pictured). And around the other corner from where I was seated was a coffee station with additional (meager) snacks and fruit. I wonder if they bring in better food when the British Airways flight departs? [Update: The answer is yes, according to commenter Kevincm below.]

a buffet table with food and drinks

Coffee Bar and Snacks

Continuing down the hall from the coffee station is a magazine rack, business center and “back room†with additional seating and rather comfy looking lounger chairs.

a shelf with magazines on it

Magazine Rack

a desk with a computer and printer

Business Center

a room with chairs and tables

The 'Back Room'

The restrooms (without showers) are located outside of the lounge in the same hallway you walk down after coming through the double wooden doors I mentioned above. While not ideal, it’s better than having to go all the way out to the terminal.

This Admirals Club doesn’t compare in size to what you’d find at a hub station, but it impressed me given American’s limited presence in Denver. And as with all Admirals Clubs, the Wi-Fi is free (and fast here!) and sandwiches and other food can be purchased from the bar.

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  1. Thanks! Am going to use two passes for my niece and I on our outbound LH flight to FRA. Was wondering what the club was like! Cheers!

  2. Yup – They bring food out for the BA flight. BA Club World/Gold Members can also have food and drink from the bar Free of Charge.

    Some coverage of this is coming in my TR segment. It’ll be along this week. Maybe. 😉

  3. @Kevincm: Thanks – glad to know they bring out somewhat proper food for the BA flights… wish it would happen for ALL flights here in our lousy U.S. lounges.

  4. Great tour! I’ve haven’t had a chance to visit the DEN club and wondered how it looked, thanks for posting!

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