Lufthansa Adds Online Tool to Determine First Class Cabin Type

There is a huge difference between the “new†and “old†first class cabins on Lufthansa’s international aircraft. From the seats to the in-flight entertainment system, your traveling experience could vary sharply depending on the configuration your flight offers. And now Lufthansa has an online tool to help determine which First Class Product you’ll enjoy.

If you’re flying the Boeing 747-8 or the Airbus A380, rest assured that you’ll always enjoy the new cabin. But if you’re on a Boeing 747-400, Airbus A330 or A340, there’s a chance you could get the old cabin, which is still quite nice, but it might have you finding other ways to occupy your time than dealing with the ratchety IFE monitor.

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‘Old’ First Class on a Lufthansa Airbus A330

According to Lufthansa’s new website tool:

Would you like to find out before departure whether the latest Lufthansa First Class is available on the flight you have booked? With our enquiry service you can find this out very easily from as early as eight weeks before departure.

As with any airline going through a cabin overhaul, there’s always a risk that your aircraft could be swapped out with a different layout, so the tool isn’t foolproof. One Mile at a Time, however, has great advice on how to pick Lufthansa flights that will increase your chances of getting the new first class cabin.

(Hat tip: Lufthansa Flyer)

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  1. I ve just checked out Lh 447 Den-Fra on 7-6-13 and its show old F product but I ve read awhile back, forgot which bloggers, was travelling from den-fra on the 747-400 with bed and seat. i wan to pull the trigger on this flight on that day but afraid if its the old F from your picture above.

  2. @LufthansaFlyer: Good to know some of the A330s out of FRA have the new F-cabin!
    @choi: There will always be a “risk” of getting the old cabin, no matter where you depart from. Denver (from what Ben’s post says) is frequently the most likely candidate for the old seats.

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