Mileage Plus shopping portal login directed me to AAdvantage mall

I couldn’t make this up. I went to log into the Mileage Plus Shopping Mall just now and clicked through from United’s homepage on the “Half-Million-Mile Sweepstakes” advertisement in that center window where they rotate ads. I plugged in my Mileage Plus number and password, hit enter and received the following screen:

a screenshot of a computer

Wow, the AAdvantage eShopping Mall. It doesn’t load the full page and says there’s “an error retrieving my account” (Duh). Very hilarious glitch or has United been hacked by Anonymous? #epicFAIL


  1. Many years ago, when Mail Boxes Etc. was being rebranded as the UPS store, each store was sent a consignment of new UPS Store signage — by FedEx!!

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