Mileage Run Opportunity: $169.20 nets 5,439 United EQMs IAD-GEG r/t

Well here’s a surprise. I’m used to seeing fare wars in major markets with a lot of competition, so did not anticipate finding this fare today on United offering a $63 one-way ticket from the Washington, D.C. group of airports to Spokane, WA.

I haven’t spent too much time finding ideal connection opportunities for this deal, instead wanting to get this posted ASAP for my East coast friends. There are oodles of same-day trips available if you fly IAD-DEN-GEG roundtrip, but for the best CPM, consider a 1-nighter as shown below.

Routing: Washington Dulles to Denver to Spokane to San Francisco to Washington Dulles

Travel period: Now through 6/6/2012

Dates I found available: 4/17 (there are many dates available for same-day turns IAD-DEN-GEG r/t)

Number of nights stay: 1

Day of week restrictions: None

Fare basis: GA10CS, 10-day advance purchase

Fare: $169.20

Elite Qualifying Miles earned: 5,439 (assumes 500-mile minimums)

Cost-per-mile (CPM): 3.11

Example itinerary:

a screenshot of a flight schedule



  1. If you’re overnighting in GEG anyways there are a bunch of options that can drop the CPM a bit. I see options for IAD-EWR/ORD/DEN-SFO-GEG or even IAD-DEN-PHX-SFO-GEG on the outbound via ITA. Just search iad::ua ua ua+ and it should turn them up. Just pay the extra PFCs and you’re on your way.

  2. Spend a night and drive over to ID. Coeur d’alene is gorgeous. Or you can drive 4.5 hours across I-90 and drink a beer in Seattle with me!

  3. Great suggestions, SEABrad & Seth, re: Cd’A.
    @Kevin @Vivek: I’m basically monitoring the entire country at this point, so will post mileage runs as I find them from just about any origin. Happy travels!

  4. I’m in Spokane. Anyone needs to spend a night, providing I’m home, I might be able to accomodate, providing I’m not on the trip too? heeheh

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