Mileage Run Opportunity: $224.40 Nets 6,590 United Premier Qualifying Miles

United this morning matched a Delta base fare of $88 one-way in the New York to San Jose market, but act RIGHT NOW if you’re interested as Delta has already pulled the fare. I wouldn’t expect United to keep its fare live beyond an hour or so today.

Here’s the nitty-gritty and an example itinerary.

Routing: LaGuardia to Houston to Los Angeles to San Jose r/t


Travel period: Now through end of schedule

Minimum stay requirement: None

Day of week restrictions: None

Fare basis: NA14HN, 14-day advance purchase

Fare: $224.40 roundtrip all-in

Premier Qualifying Miles earned: 6,590 (assumes 500-mile minimums)

Cents-per-mile (CPM): 3.41

Example itinerary:

a screenshot of a flight schedule

The above itinerary was found using ITA’s Matrix Airfare Search, but can be booked on United directly or with greater ease using Hipmunk.

(Hat tip: The Flight Deal)

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    • @Gene: That’s the way it’s published anyway. 😉
      @Cogswell: But there are many of us crazies out there who love 42-hours of travel. 😉

  1. What is never factored in to these cpm calculations is the amount of time spent on the itinerary. Your example is 42 hours (plus the cost of a hotel and potentially taking 2 days off of work!). You can pretty consistently get non-stop NYC to LAX (5,000 miles) same-day RT for around $330. In general you would be in transit for just around 14 hours. It seems crazy to spend 28 extra hours travelling.

  2. Nice find. If anyone goes to San Jose, CA try a glazed doughnut at Stan’s Donuts in Santa Clara.

    I buy a box in morning, whenever I find myself there.


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