My Strategy for Booking a BusinessFirst 787 Seat Tomorrow

As everyone knows by now, United Airlines released the initial domestic schedule for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner yesterday. Beginning Saturday, you’ll be able to book a ride on one of the many 787 flights to/from Houston as follows:

a white rectangular table with black text While none of the flights will be the true inaugural, I’ll definitely be on one of them on November 4. I’m leaning towards flying out from LAX on Saturday November 3 and return on the 3:30 p.m. departure on Sunday, scheduled to be the 787. As the official schedules aren’t loaded yet, here’s my plan.

I’m going to assume the current 3:37 p.m. departure out of Houston, flight 1209 showing as a 757-300 right now, will become the 787 flight on Saturday. As of right now, upgrade space is showing as R9 (at least nine seats available).

a screenshot of a computer screenSometime tomorrow, I’ll book and pay for my roundtrip and once it’s ticketed (usually within an hour), I’ll apply a Regional Premier Upgrade and snag one of the upgrade seats.

When Saturday rolls around and the official schedules are loaded, I’ll hope to see my freshly booked flight operating as the 787 with the upgrade in tact. If not, I’ll simply cancel it and rebook a new reservation courtesy the 24-hour flexible cancellation policy. Yes, the R-inventory might be zeroed out with the newly loaded flight, but this is my no-cost way of jumping the gun and hoping I’ll fly BusinessFirst on the first day of scheduled operations.

I know I won’t be the only one in Houston on the 4th. Are you there? Want to meet up for 787 spotting party?

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    • @Mommy Points: There will be a lot of us down in your neck of the woods that day!
      @Matthew: Haven’t heard, but I’d lean towards your assumption.

  1. I booked BF out and back to SFO on Nov 4th using miles. Hoping they turn into 787 flights. Would be great to have a meetup in Houston on the 4th.

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