New United Airlines Baggage Handle Wraps for 1K and Global Services Elites

A surprise arrived in the mail yesterday from the United MileagePlus Service Center. When I first pulled the envelope out of my mailbox, I immediately had the irrational thought that United had downgraded me mid-year from Premier 1K to a General Member. The envelope looks like a standard membership kit:

a blue envelope with white text and a white stripe

United Airlines MileagePlus Mailer

But my mind was immediately put at ease upon opening it to find a new carry-on luggage identifier.

a yellow and black pouch next to a white card

United Airlines Baggage Handle Wrap

a blue leather label on a yellow fabric

Handle Wrap

I’ve been offline for the majority of the past two weeks tending to far more important matters, so hadn’t seen this now lengthy Flyertalk thread discussing the new elite perk (apparently only for 1Ks and Global Services).

From the mailer:

You’re among our best customers, and the enclosed MileagePlus handle wrap is a token of our appreciation. Whether your next trip is for business, pleasure or both, it will help to identify your luggage quickly – especially when locating gate-checked, green-tagged bags on the jet bridge – so you can be on your way faster.

I definitely like it better than the plastic luggage tags that arrive with the annual membership credentials, which I don’t even use.

Have you received yours?

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  1. Yes, it’s sweet and gives the bearer some cache. I tweeted about getting mine four days ago, and United tweeted back another note of appreciation.

  2. Unfortunately an internal memo (mentioned on the FT thread) states that it was given to Premier Gold and higher. Not as exclusive as one thought before.

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