Notable Airline, Hotel and Travel Industry News: September 20, 2012


  1. You must have never seen WN/FL’s operation at BWI 😉

    I very much prefer BWI over IAD, granted concourse C and D are a dump at BWI, but still better than C/D at IAD. Hopefully, after the small renovation work they are doing at A/B right now they will look into overhauling concourses C/D.

  2. Turns out BWI is in fact renovating concourse C along with the work they are doing for A/B [security area and intra terminal connectors] and it should be complete sometime in 2013. Once it is complete WN/FL will occupy concourses A/B/C and I suspect in the long term AA/NK will move from C to D making the three terminals exclusive to WN.

    So that leaves us with concourse D [the former MetroJet/US terminal] that needs a facelift.

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