Notable Airline, Hotel and Travel News: September 4, 2013

A brief sampling of industry news that caught my attention today:

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  1. TSA Precheck

    Dallas Love Field
    Chicago Midway

    Is this strong enough to suggest that Southwest is going to start Pre-Check?

    There are certainly other small airports, but Midway only has Delta and Love Field only has 3 flights for Delta and United.

  2. @Nick: I’ve read elsewhere in the media that Southwest is expected to participate in TSA Pre in the future, but no hard date has been issued and there’s nothing official from them directly.

  3. @Darren: Thanks for the reply and sorry for not being more clear. I know that no hard date has been announced and don’t know what the space between an announcement and actual implementation would be. It is just odd to me that the TSA would open a PreCheck lane for the ~100 (non-WN + TSA-eligible) passengers that fly through Love Field every day. Hoping with the comment to anticipate an announcement by the end of the year that may just be not that big of a deal for folks. I wonder what the parameters are for airlines to participate…cost of a programming change to send over a number to the TSA (already send over Redress number, if applicable)? Do they have to pay for the infrastructure or additional lanes? As a member of Global Entry, I’ve always thought that I should be able to participate regardless of the airline I fly…I’m still the same ‘trusted traveler’ whether on United or Southwest.

  4. @Nick: I wonder if part of Southwest’s “delay” in participating has any relation to the fact they’re non-GDS based for passenger reservations. I truly have no idea, but just a thought. And I couldn’t agree more, if you’re Global Entry, you’re certainly trusted no matter the airline.

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